Macro Device For Dsp-Chains

First of all, I don’t know if this is allready doable in Renoise, but here goes…

Ableton’s and Renoise’s DSP-chains look quite similar (horisontal chain, L->R). One of the features in Ableton is the ability to group (one or) several DSP-units. When you do this, a macro-device pops up. It basically has 8 ‘knobs’ that can be assigned to any parameter within the grouped DSP’s. They can also be assigned to control more than one parameter (hence the name ‘macro’), and also what min-max range of the desired setting. A great thing about this is if you place this macro-device as the first unit in the chain, it will allways be the default unit when you jump between different tracks/channels. That way you can map the most important controls in your DSP-chains, and have instant access to them when you switch back and forth between tracks, and have them instantly mapped to your midi-controller, without having to browse through all your FX-units to find the right slider/knob.
This would be awesome for Renoise aswell, especially when using something like the APC40 and Duplex. The bottom 8 knobs on the APC40 ‘automaps’ to Renoise’s DSP-chains, but you have to scroll through the chain to find the right FX (and parameter).

Here’s a vid explaining how it works in Ableton:

Again, this might be possible allready in Renoise, but if it is I’m unaware of how it’s done. Please let me know! :)

I think you are talking about something like the Hydra-device. Device grouping as such does not exist, but this one will let you map different parameters of arbitrary devices into one device interface.

Yep, that’s it! Big thanks KMaki! :)

Only difference is that it seems the Ableton one is 8 hydras in one, i guess. This kinda makes good sence, as 8 knobs/sliders is pretty standard on all midi-controllers.

Thanks again… I had a feeling it was doable in Reason aswell. There’s tons of stuff I’ve still got to learn ;)

This can be done with a little abuse of the Hydra, although it’s not exactly designed for it. What you are talking about sounds like a combination of the Hydra and the much discussed but not (yet) implemented Doofer device.

Doofer(Tm) Device Realised For a way to get it working with the Hydra to at least some extent.

I think we’re on the same page Kazakore! :)

There’s two ways to do this in (again) Ableton… One is to start by adding an Instrument rack/Audio FX rack, and add the FX to those racks. The other is holding shift and selecting all the FX/devices you’d like to group, and hitting ctrl+G (Group) and you’re set.
(the video i linked in the 1st post is a good example of its’ usage)

DoubleDeep, I think what you’re suggesting is this: Dsp Sub-chains

Meta devices would handle the “macro” features in Renoises case. Let’s just wait for it…

I’d suppose a macro device to contain several sets/scenes of parallel pattern commands and automations, which could all be called by a single pattern command to the macro device then.

So a single xx01 might call macro 01, containing 10 pattern commands (not only for DSP) and 25 automations of DSPs and/or VST/i params. Number of params just as an example, of course.

A macro could consist of several lines then, similar and synced to the pattern. So with the macro call the actual macro sequence of commands and paramter changes would be started.

The macro plays till its end then, can be stopped by xx00 or interrupted by some new macro call.

I’ve just finished a part of my controller script where the 8 Hydras nearest to the currently selected device, whose names start with a @, are found, their names displayed in a dialog along with their position with a rotary and then bound via scripting to the 8 knobs on my MPK Mini. (Renoise is my MPC now haha)
It’s still not a perfect solution, for 1 because I have to insert hydras for many parameters (but alright it’s the solution I wanted) and type their name in with a @… and secondly because there’s no way recording automation of these natively, have to script that too.
It’s still a very very cool solution in many ways. For instance, I’ve saved some simple chains with hydras before, like a ‘resonator’ chain with a Hydra bound (exp) to a phasers floor and ceiling. Now I’ve made and extension with 3 more Hydras for @Depth, @Feedback and @Stages, and I can control the resonator in a way that satisfies the DJ in me :D with all hydras minimized (possibly their input values shown in mixer) - another cool way to use it is with drum synthesis chains, think about @Freq, @Bend, @Bend Time, @Decay and @Distort
Anyways another button of course just displays & binds to the first 8 parameters of most DSPs to the same encoders (still have to find a proper way to build GUI for meta device destination params, and delay.)