Macro mappings from the 'Plugins' & 'MIDI' tab

(KURTZ) #1

I obviously see why the macro mappings can be defined from the ‘Sampler’ tab,
macro mappings buttons are also available from the Plugin & MIDI tabs,
however they won’t work anyway there,
so mappings should be disabled when the user is located on the wrong tab…

List of feature suggestions for Renoise

On the other hand it would nice if they did work there, controlling vst params and midi cc’s etc…

(KURTZ) #3

… indeed

(vV) #4

The instrument structure is still not finished, my guess was as well they are there for a reason.

(Loolarge) #5

It would be great if the fx chain of the instrument would affect the plugin instruments as well

(engine) #6

sadly, no love for plugins… :(