Macro - presented value

It would be nice to have the ability of setting a custom range that the macro value is presented as in the instrument editor. The 0-100 scale does not always fit.

Oddly, in the Instr. Macros meta device, the value is being presented as 0.0-1.0 which is inconsistent. This could be replaced with the same user-defined range as mentioned above.

This wouldn’t affect the values internally in any way, but just the ‘presentation layer’.

To make this even more tidy, a textbox in the macro definition where you can type the unit would be good - like “ms”, “beats” or “cents”.

This might sound like overkill, but it makes sense to me that you can present (and share) your macros in an understandable format.

The units would presumeably track one of the targets’ units. Easiest if this was the topmost in the list, so the list order would need to be manipulable.

I think this is akin to naming tracks and instruments. There’s nothing overkill about it.

+1 for this and defining macro ranges.