Macros on Plugins

(mr_mark_dollin) #1

I might be missing something here, but I can seem to find the use of the Macros being on the Plugin tab. No matter what I do I cannot get the Macros to link to anything in any plugin instrument I load. Am I confusing the role of the Macros here? Are there just for reference incase you’re blending a plugin instrument with a sampled one and you want to have a handy knob to alter stuff in the Sampler while you’re you’re looking at the Plugin tab. :blink:

Perhaps if I haven’t confused myself here, then may I suggest that the Macros operate the raw parameters on Plugin instruments, much like the Doofer does?

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(vV) #2

The macros only work on fx and modulation chains for the sample area.
I suspect they may play a role for plugins and midi in later versions, but that suspicion is only based on the fact that the macro dials don’t disappear when switching tabs.

(mr_mark_dollin) #3

Ok so it’s vague. I’ll let my curiosity rest on the matter for now.

(geoffroy) #4

yeah, it would be nice to have macros controlling VST/AU parameters !