Macs And Virsues

Two of my housemates have Apple Macs and their machines are infected. Don’t think it’s something that affects their machines though, but they regularly use USB keys between them and my desktop which is currently a media PC in the living room. Also let them borrow my USB key at times and forgot so every time that goes in my laptop or the desktop I get a warning. (I believe it’s always been caught by Avast but is a bit of a pain in the arse.)

So what can you do on Macs to clear up viruses which aren’t affecting them but constantly try and infect other computers around them?

buy a PC (with Linux :rolleyes:)

seriously speaking: USB keys are often infected by simple viruses that activate themselves through an autorun.inf file.

look in the USB key for the autorun.inf file and delete it. Before deleting, also check its contents: you will see references to some .exe file. Go to the path to that .exe file and delete it

Install anti-virus on Mac?

Yeah I know and the PC catches it every time it’s inserted after being in one of their Macs but I would like to get them to clean it off their computers in the first instance if possible.

Any recommended, free anti-virus software for Macs?

I would never recommend a free anti-virus software, but I’m old-fashioned.

That’s the problem with Mac users :P

Hahaha, touché :D

It costs twice as much, it must be better!

Although I just remember I think the last of them to use my memory stick was actually the PC user.

Maybe the moral should be “Don’t trust the Spanish.” ;)

PS I don’t actually have anything against Spanish people, I wouldn’t be living with three of them if I did.

I’ve never even heard of a virus scanner for apple, not really related but I only know about a firewall called little snitch, (this was a couple years ago I used it) I think all it did was configure iptables using a wizard.

Kazakore I would consider going and signing up for ars technica’s open forums, you won’t regret it.

Infected with what?

If you ask me it’s probably not a virus but most likely a trojan. E.g. “You need this “special codec” to view your nasty porn, double click here and type your root password plz.” or some warez “Double click this file give us your root password to install it, we swear it’s legit, P2P networks are totally risk free and maintained by honest people.”

Macs don’t use autorun.inf

Maybe you got this trojan by downloaded pirated software. I know some Adobe software on thepiratebay installs this when you install the main program.

sounds like dirty junkies sharing needles…bound to get infections.

Hahaha! :lol:

What? Macs with viruses? BLASPHEMY!

That could NEVER happen… lmao

Like the Avast image then they try and charge $40 for the Mac version. (I use the latest free Avast on my PCs by the way…)

Have had Autorun turned off on my PCs since the moment Windows is installed. I hate it.

EDIT:Sorry missed this specific bit.

Avast states the autorun.inf file is part of the Worm “BV:AutoRun-G [Wrm]” if that’s of any help at all. At least that’s the one that was on my laptop in the Chest, will also try and remember to check the desktop from home.

Possible. Although I have absolutely zero Warez on my computer I don’t think I can say the same for my friends’ Macs the virus(es) are coming from. Thanks for the link, will try and get them to work through it, although they’re not amazingly computer savvy.

See above. As mentioned I think it’s living on the Mac but designed to infect PCs (on same network or sharing media) because as you said, Macs themselves don’t use the autorun.inf file. Again, as mentioned, I have absolutely zero Warez personally.

Hahahaha, I know you are just kidding but anybody who actually believes this please read the links posted afterwards.

Actually here they are as forgot to add Boray to the multi-quote