[Mainstream Hardcore] ESOX - The Black Sheep

Hello everyone out there !

I have been looking at Renoise for a few years now but from far away, and I slowly came to using it. I bought a copy something like one year ago, and started really working exclusively with it a few months ago.

I was waiting till I could reach a decent enough stuff so I can publish it here (IMO it’s decent enough… :smiley: ).

Lastly this track has been released on HPG Detonator :

I have searched through this forum and did not find so much “hardcore” stuff, so if you don’t like the genre, please pay more attention to the sound construction I had using Renoise.

This is the first track 100 % made on Renoise that I think good enough so I can be proud of.

Enjoy !


You’re right there’s isn’t that much hardcore on this forum, but that’s because there is a lot in variety in the styles created by Renoise producer. Fyi I think Matt Weasel Buster uses Renoise, I also saw that Ophidian is using it too.

Good track, made me think about the old Hardcore Blasters tracks! And I’m happy to see more hardcore tracks in this forum :slight_smile:


Well I am also a hardcore fan. Made a few tracks myself with renoise. :slight_smile:

Here is an example.

You should add your track to this topic.


Thanks both of you for your answers :slight_smile:

sorry I had not seen them before, for some reason I don’t get email notifications when a new answer is posted…

Thanks HeartBeatHero, I will follow that advice :wink:

Nice track, this really feels like that classic 90s hardcore. Thunderdome vibes :slight_smile:

I heard from a friend today that Ruffneck also uses Renoise?, and masters his mix after in Studio One.

Thanks Trackah123,

I knew Ophidian did use it, but I think I heard it wasn’t on all tracks, but I did not know about Ruffneck indeed.

On my side I usually do the final mixdown in FL Studio cause till now I have prefered it to Renoise for that part of the work. You can visually follow the waveform of the track and I feel it’s easier for the mixdown process than Renoise. I read many Renoise users go then into Reaper for the mixdown process, maybe I will go that way one of those days…