Maintaining Sample Pitch When Changin Bpm?

Hi all, I have a few sampled loops containing a melody I’m using in a track. The problem is I can’t figure out how to maintain their original pitch when time strectching them to work at the tempo I’m at. In “instrument settings” I have “sync” checked so that I can use these loops at my intended tempo, which is about 10 bpms faster than the original tempo of the song I grabbed the loops from, but they are all getting pitched up because of this, so they are now out of tune. In some programs I have worked there is an option to maintain pitch when timestreching loops to fit a project tempo, does Renoise have this functionality? If not what is a common workaround to address the issue?

All though there’s no native time stretching in renoise you can use Suva’s rubberband tool .

the more geeky but probably less useful thing you can do is to ‘manually sync’ your sample.

say you got a pattern of 128 steps, and you want your loop to sync to that length without pitching.
fill the entire pattern with C-4 notes (assuming C-4 has the sample at its correct pitch). now on line 1, put the command 0900 in the effects column. at line 128, put the command 09FF in the effects column. select the entire effects column (bonus trick: use your mouse, select the effects column on line 1 and scroll up until the pattern ‘loops’ - you are now at the bottom of the pattern, where you need to be!), and press Ctrl+i (interpolate). now Renoise makes a gradual transition from 0900 to 09FF over the length of your selection.

what this of course does is play your sample little by little, piece by piece, for each line. so it’s pitched correctly, but it also stays synced. the results can sound a bit choppy though, as you may understand. for better results you could try doubling the lines per beat and doubling the pattern length, to increase the resolution of the effect (giving it more lines/steps for the action, so more detailed transitions).

If it’s about beats then you can just chop up your loop… But with more melodic content I haven’t found any suitable or good-sounding solution yet.