Manual Editing Of The Waveform In Sample Editor (ala Fasttracker 2)

Hello , just wondered if this was a feature planned for any new version of renoise ? …
Can anyone remember in the Sample editor of Fasttracker 2 u could “re-draw” the waveform with the right mouse button held down ? (correct me if im wrong)
This is extrememly useful for correcting ‘clicky’ loops and it was a feature i used A LOT !!!
Also lo-fi samples benefited from this for reducing clicks and pops in old loops…


but great work on renoise guys, it has got me back into music tracking (and i will finish a song one day)


Oh yeah!

It’s been suggested lots of times in the past. I’d love to see it myself, too.

I second that.

ill put


for that.

hell yea!!

Do you mean FastTracker][ style wave drawing? If so, this should definitely be in Renoise as there’s currently no way to make non-VST instruments from ‘nothing’ - wavedrawing a la FT2, importing text/binary/junk as RAW a la ProTracker or even standard waveform synthesis as has been recently implemented in MilkyTracker.

[By the way, if somebody knows of a way to import miscellaneous files as raw sampledata, please let me know!]

A lot of users won’t care about this, I know, but it’s important to chip musicians and it looks like this one feature could serve multiple purposes, according to the original poster. If it was once in Renoise, I’m surprised it disappeared!

Now that you mention that: “insert X milliseconds/samples/beats of silence” would go neatly with sample drawing.

In the meantime: Orangator! :w00t: (windows only sorry)

Just go to browser and press the ‘show all files’ button. Load any type of file as sample.
(be careful! Turn down volume before doing this!)


Very useful feature.

It would be nice to be able to handle stereo channels individually. About the only thing I use SoundForge for nowadays is chopping one channel out of a break with dodgy stereo panning…

There is no way to do this in Renoise at the moment, right?

Quote ;- Can anyone remember in the Sample editor of renoise u could “re-draw” the waveform with the right mouse button held down ? (correct me if im wrong)

Sorry guys i meant could anyone remember in the sample editor screen of ‘Fasttracker 2’ !!! sorry if this caused any confusion , it has never been a feature of Renoise but hopefully will be someday ?!

Yes it would be of great help to chip-tune composers !
I used to use this feature to get my sample loops perfect any inaccuracies u could just re-draw it in !!!

Although the right mouse button was a bit easy to press by accident , and ruin your sample :(
Maybe a combination of Right Shift + Middle mouse would be better or something , but I understand this feature is not an easy one to implement ,
any comment from the renoise authors ??


MilkyTracker has a Draw Mode toggle button in the GUI. You just have to remember to turn it off before selecting or else you ruin your sample:) I reckon there’s enough room in the Sample Editor GUI to fit in just such a button…

(In the latest version, you can hold down Shift while moving the mouse to draw, which eliminates this problem).

Yeah any improvements in the sample editor would be great.

I would also like to be able to change the size of any highlighting by holding the mouse icon over the edge of any existing highlighting (like in Sound Forge). At the moment we have to redrag the highlight from scratch.

draw function would also kill all please-make-build-in-synth topics.


Cheers! The reason I hadn’t discovered this is that I usually drag/drop in order to put a sample from the DiskOp into the Sample Edit area, and with miscellaneous files, drag/drop doesn’t work but double-clicking does. Really glad I can still do this; thanks again!

Just hold down the right mouse button mate!

Lightbomb: We do have CTRL+Z… ;)

Robert: Not really, unless we’d have an additional function in the right-click menu (or something): Generate sine/square/saw etc waveform. Just that one wave we could loop and alter with a draw function.

sagosen - I know; I was describing Milkytracker;)

The latest Milky version has sine/square/saw/etc waveform generators on a right-click menu which can be altered with a draw function, or copied mix-pasted on top of eachother to build more complex shapes, so I think it would go some way towards satisfying people’s need for built-in sound generation. But enough about Milky, back to Renoise!

+1 yawning

ahem… I was just testing your knowledge skunky.



Yeah, I tried the system and it works nice… I do stil prefer the Sound Forge way though, because you know WHEN to click. The renoise way is based on your inate understanding of where the mouse is. If I am zoomed right out and my highlight is small, there is no real way of knowing which SPECIFIC area I should click.

I know, I should zoom in… But that breaks my mojo