Map Timing From Drums

Ok. So I want to do something I’m not sure how to describe. There is a tool in Logic and I think in FL also. Where you can take a wave file and have the program create the sequence timing based off of the transients in the work. It’s particularly good for taking human drum loops and snatching the real groove from it.

So I know in Renoise I can detect the transients in a loop. But is there a way to take that and plant it into the pattern view? If not it would be a useful idea for a tool. When I say plant it in I mean take all of the timing and set the amount of delay ticks for it to be accurate.

Am I making much sense? I’m pretty deliriously tired.

The slices to pattern tool could be used as a derivate for this idea. (means auto-slices should be made based on the transient mode and these have to be translated to pattern steps)