Mapping macros in Doofers should work like in instrument macros...

When mapping Doofer´s macro menu on the right side appears and i would prefer that floating window you see when mapping macros inside the instrument.
Because sometimes i wanna see how some doofer macro influence some parameter without turning mapping off (then menu dissapear and more dsp can be seen). This menu eat a lot of space :(.

Another inconsistency:
You can name macro in doofer device even if it is not mapped.
You cant do it in instrument macros…

It is so uncomfortable when you map macros in doofer. You have to scroll to select parameter, then to scroll to change values, then scroll back.
Possible floating menu would solve this problem!

… bad post

I´ll show you what i am talking about.
There is too much scrolling with Doffer macros and you can not influence macro values while watching how it influences mapped DSP.
It is not problem with instrument macros because of floating menu.