Mapping Question

EDIT 2 With the issues that s-n-s hads and my further exploration of the midi mapping, I came across a bug in renoise 2.5!

I experienced it with the follow mapping options:

Select Previous Sequencer Pos
Select Next Sequencer Pos
Current Pattern [Set]
Increase Current Pattern
Decrease Current Pattern

For most of them, it works when you map them for the first time, when you edit the mapping it will stop working until your relaunch Renoise.

EDIT: I wish I could change the thread title, these questions have been solved!

No need to reply, I fixed my issues.


I’m trying to use my novation Launch pad with Renoise and Max Msp.

The Launch Pad maps just fine in Renoise but that’s what really what I’m trying to do.

I want to build some mute/unmute presets for the pattern matrix and I need to find a way so Renoise receives its midi mapping messages from Max Msp rather than from the launch pad itself…

How can I do that?

Monome users workaround has usually been IAC Bus on a mac or Midiyoke on Windows.

I’d say look into them as they seem pretty reliable.

Yeah I already use midiyoke… So I guess I’d have to disable the launch pad in renoise (as a midi device) make my code in max msp to have some midi out via midi yoke to control Renoise… I’ll give this a try.

Ok I got this to work but now I got a 2nd question.

I notice that whether I use gate or toggle, the pattern matrix will only be “toggled” between two states…

Is there a way to send a specific message that would mute and another specific message that would unmute the pattern matrix?

What I mean is suppose I send “119 0” that would mute a specific track in a specific pattern and if that section is already muted, it doesn’t do anything, yet if I send “119 1” it will unmute that section. If that section was already unmuted, the message “119 1” wouldn’t do anything.

(here 119 refers to which section is targeted by my message and it’s mapped to this section while the 0 and 1 refers to the state)

Right now, I think whether you send 0 or 1, it will just toggle its state, no matter what its previous state was.

So is this possible?

I think this works with other mappable attributes such as sliders… if you send a 0 to a slider already at “0” it won’t do anything.


hmm I shouldn’t waste my time typing stuff I figure out in 3 minutes after asking the question…

I was using the basic Seq. XX [Toggle] that displays on the screen (highlighted in yellow when you press cmd+m)

I had to use Seq. XX [Set] to do what I wanted to do.

a bit less instinctive to set but all I had to do is take the time to look for the feature I needed.

Sounds like a cool in:Depth article to me…

You want me to write something?

Why not, this stuff is always cool to paste around!

please do

im having problems setting this up with my novation nocturn controller(cant find the stuff that needs to be mapped in the GUI)

i havent used my controller for this yet,only used it to controll vst-instruments

s-n-s I’m gonna give a try to help you.

I tried what mushen suggested on my launch pad and it works just fine… I’m actually gonna use something similar for my sequencer.

Make sure you map these to buttons and not knobs, they wont work.

It should work with the buttons on the nocturn.