Master Scope Zoom

Maybe a small slider on the Master scopes that can zoom out, to show past audio, scrolling left or drawing right?

I already know about this, that’s not what I meant, I will do a mockup to show what I mean.

Something like this:

Beat markers in the master scopes? You know they resemble the whole frequency spectrum to loudness, not time to samples right?

No they don’t. They work like an oscilliscope, showing the waveform, nothing to do with spectrum. Still don’t really think a beat marker would work there though…

Different display options could possibly be useful though. EG short time and fairly instant as it is now, or being able to see the waveforms scroll from right to left over a few seconds. Maybe that is more what is being got at…

Check out Schwa’s schOPE, perhaps it will do for the time being…

That’s what I mean, having the beat marker or LPB markers would be possible with this.

Thanks 00.1, I will check that out, looks perfect, I thought I already had one somewhere but cant find it.

Found this in my vsts when searched scope. :rolleyes: I tried Schwa’s schOPE but wasn’t able to zoom out as much as I would of liked.