Easter Egg In Renoise

Just bumped into this but if you click on the more button for the discop and then used the assigned shortcut key Global; View: Focus/Show discop/scopes and got presented with supersize scopes and spectrum analyzer.

Maybe just a feature I`m ignorant of but could be useful :)

So assign to some shortcut like ctrl+shift + F12, click the more button and then hit the shortcut to toggle between scopes / master scopes / spectrum to switch between these views…

Whuzz? discop? scopes? mwehh?

Haha, nice find!

Thanks for the images dblue, was just going to do some but you saved me the trouble!

That master spectrum is now bound to F5.

damn thats fancy… cool !! but wait till you find the pianoroll !!! :rolleyes:

*Searching… Searching…

Grr… I Just wanted to post the same thing…

But when full-screen mode was turned on I got this kind of result:

Lower frame removed but the scopes didn’t cover the free space.

Would you please keep the tone down… this feature is not supposed to be revealed yet! (Or you are being removed from the test-team)

It may be better to moderate/erase these kind of revelations.
and yell at the one in a PM o.i.d. to limit the damage.

Wow! Thanks, that is really useful. Cheers. :panic:


Seems I`ve earnt my tagline today then :D

You got it :P


Had better watch I don`t get struck off the alpha team in a retribution for this! In which case your going down aswell for this vV!

Can someone explain exactly how you are doing this?

A bit more precise then:

  1. Go into the preferences. Then into the Keys tab. Go into the Global > View category. Scroll down to the shortcut named Focus/Show DiskOp/Scopes and assign some key(s) to this, since it’s not assigned by default.

  1. Go into the Disk Browser and hit the [More] button.

  1. When the view expands like this…

… now you can press your new keyboard shortcut and the view will change to the über-scopes.

D’oh! Beaten to the punch by Vince. :P

Partially, your pictures do the real math…