Max/Msp And Renoise Question

I’m starting to dabble with Max/MSP, and I would like to ask:

1 - What kinds of data from Renoise are available to Max/MSP through Rewire aside from the audio stream and MIDI data?

2 - Is it possible to send from Renoise to Max/MSP the number of patterns in a song along with the currently playing pattern? If so, how?

Thanks in advance!

i think transport/sync information (beat/bar/bpm), midi note data and audio streams are about the full extent of it. remember that you can use renoise as host (where you pipe audio from max/msp to renoise) or slave (where you pipe audio from renoise into max/msp). note that with renoise as host, you can still control sync data from the max/msp slave using hostsync~. as for your second question 2… i’m not sure, you may need to play around to find out if that is possible, but i’d suggest looking at objects like hostsync~ and test them out, see if you can do what you want to.

Thanks Genfu for the tip!

I took your advice, I found some information on the Propellerheads website about Rewire and found the following:

“Common transport functions - if both applications have built-in sequencers of some sort, you can play, stop, rewind etc. in any of the applications and they will both locate to the same position.” - From

So, it seems to be a question of whether ‘common transport functions’ can be accessed using Max/MSP, and whether Renoise also supports the above functionality?

yes, you are correct i think. i never got that far into transport functionality with what i did, so you may find its fully or partly functional depending on renoise. perhaps someone else can give you more detail on this… or test it out and see?

I found some more helpful info on the Renoise tutorials page:

Thanks again for your help!

1- Rewire works fine, MIDI works fine you might need MIDI-Yoke if you use windows.
2- Length of a song: no idea, Currently playing pattern: here’s how I’d do it:


Good luck.

Also, you might want to check this out:

Wow, JBL, thanks, that’s really helpful!

nice, pure cunning there JBL B)

Your welcome,

I use this method in my sequencer to light up which step is playing on the launch pad.