Maybe Linux Users Will Appreciate This

This is a bit spammy, but I developed a spectral delay vst plug-in that I use mostly in Renoise on Linux, however there is a Windows version too:

As long as you don’t try to sell kitchens, you will not hear anyone moan.

This linux user will appreciate this, thanks!

Noise one. Thanks !

Thanks, orbitfold!

It would be nice to see some linux vst synths.

There is Obxd…

and tunefish

Always same bug on both architectures with every version.
Renoise LOG> VstPlugs: Trying to instantiate /home/fwsuperhero/.vst/Linux/fbprsculptor/
Renoise LOG> VstPlugs: Instantiate FAILED (caught structured exception) !!!

Odd, never seen anything like this. What system is this (architecture and distro)?

Thanks !!!
Finally a good free vst for linux.

Few questions:

-where can I find a manual for this
-the restore button (presets) does not work
-more than 255 presets is not possible? Can you save / load a bank of presets?

Somebody have some experience with this vst?
Looks and sounds nice, and low cpu load!

Have you tried setting the knob values with the mouse?

I have. But the generator part needs more explanation imho

Can someone test the restore button for me? It’s not working here

There is also TAL Noisemaker which is amazing, and amsynth as well. Amsynth might crash and cause a fatal error (DSSI version I’m talking about) but the git version has just had a fix for this).

Vex is nice but it doesn’t seem to save the patch for some reason when you close/reopen a song. Whysynth makes some very good sounds too.

I know Whysynth and I like it. Have installed the TAL Noisemaker and indeed is a very nice one too!
The preset loading/saving needs some work on all the plugins.
There is no option to save a preset bank for example.

Do you mean with DSSI plugins or all plugins? There definitely one there but it appears to be disabled for DSSI synths for some reason, limitation with DSSI maybe?

On a semi related note, as of today the git version of amsynth has the ability to right click on the gui and choose presets from the many banks that now come with it, it was impossible to access them before as far as I know.

I’m having trouble this delay plugin to show up in renoise (or anything else, also tried with qtractor). Downloaded the 64bit version and put in my ~/.vst folder with all my others but it’s not showing up?

How many 2-3 oscillator VA synths people need? I would imagine one would be enough. However they seem to make up 90% of all VST synths. Why would someone even develop one anymore? Same with delays, compressors, etc.

What my delay? Is there something about it in the console output?

Because they have different designs and sound different. I for instance do not get the same sound out of noisemaker that I get out of synth1, even though both are subtractive VA synths.