MBC 14 voting thread! 😺

I tried something. Wait and see.

Brainstorming about Renoise contests

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I’m OK with voting and posting XRNS being mandatory but it may limit some submissions that’s why I think it’s better to incentivise instead of demand, they won’t win anyway if they don’t vote or post it you know!?

Alright I’m off with the idea of .1 per review and give whatever is decided a fixed amount of points, but I don’t fancy giving 20-30 reviews no matter how small they are, feels like too many and I am not enjoying writing reviews to a music style I don’t like or have experience with :thinking:

Let’s move the discussion to Sokoban’s thread.

Cool t-shirt :heart_eyes:

Hello! I got tagged in this thread and it arrived into my email. :person_shrugging:

Firstly, kudos on MBC 14. I’ll eventually update that crummy MBC web page on trotch to link back.

Mostly, I would like to comment about reforming MBC into an official Renoise contest:

Please don’t.

It was created because I really, really, REALY disliked those. It evolved into a community art project. Keep it going! If it’s not a once-a-year inside joke, then call it something else? Not MBC?




Ok, well then I guess that settles it, MBC is for craziness with all kind of absurd rules and us who want a normal compo need a new name.

I think you have misunderstood, MBC has no absurd rules, it has no rules…except for the bunch of rules though. :stuck_out_tongue:


OK, so I just rolled some dice and y’all gotta trust me on the catnip winners:

congratulations (gronCATulations?) to…
@MemoryCanyon @_kara and @Lneheb

Y’all get an ounce of organic catnip shipped to you (unless international shipping is prohibitive) pm me your shipping details

if you don’t have a cat, or don’t want it, let me know and I’ll roll some more dice :game_die: :smiley_cat: :herb:


yay, catnip!

Also, apologies for not getting around to commenting on everyone’s tracks. after the file with all my comments got corrupted, it wasn’t fun anymore to rewrite it all… so I didn’t, lol. and also, feeling like not everyone was going to get to vote, I decided I actually didn’t want the extra point. felt fair. I’m really just super happy to share sound and listen to amazing music (:

and speaking of amazing music, i wanted to at least say : please don’t ever stop making it. you all seriously rock :drummer: