MBCR #12.1 remix compo

MBCR #12.1


>   >> >>> Mutant Breaks Competition Remix #12.1 <<< <<  <
		-More mutant Friends in mutating friendships
Renoises Second Most Unorganized Music Competition has born


* No rules!

* General rules:

* Remix one or more songs from MBC#12
	= to get voted in the best of the remixes

* Track owners from MBC#12 must give their consent to remix their tune

* answer in this thread if you will share your track from MBC#12 for everybody to Remix

* Dont remix without permission!!!

* A bunch of more rules.

* Everybody from the forums can vote or participate as a late contestant; if you still make a tune for #MBC12 people can make remix of your tune.

* You can make as many remixes as you wish but you can vote only for top three

* If the artist shares an XRNS of the remix, their total votes are multiplied x 3

* Participants must post their track as a link in this thread.

* Compo starts 1st of August 2020 and ends 1st of September, when after the voting starts

* The top track is randomly selected among the 8 most voted remixes, during somekind of realtime online live stream radio broadcast

* You can remix either the xrns project file or remix chop hack slice n slash the final rendered audio file*
	--- for example some tunes have lots of plugins/VSTs or U are on a different operating system than the song was written on, so it could be easier to just remix the wav/mp3 file				

::: Extra points :::

* If a participant writes a mini-review for their top 3, then they get _ 1 bonus vote _.

* If a participant writes a mini-review for every remix in the compo, then they get _ 3 bonus votes _.

* If you make musicvideo for your remix; Your points will be doubled

* If you remix your own tune you wont get any extra points
	= Though this is engouraged to polish or to take your tune into the next level from MBC#12
		~ Anyhow if you share remix of your own tune enough early in this thread U will get extra attention

::: Prizes :::
* 1. 30€
* 2. 20€
* 3. 10€
winners will get their money prizes through paypal transaction provided by me

What Do You Think ?


im in for sure not for the prize but to use renoise :slight_smile:


I’m definatly in! And I give permission to remix my track Lets be friends.
And huge thanks to Raegae for organizing this!


I am in also and here is the link to my song friends for anyone who wants to remix it.



Will there be a download for the mbc12 files? If there isn’t already? How will the deadline be?

I would allow remixing my entry, too, but I fear I don’t have the xrns at hand, I’m away from my workstation…

But I’d be happy to try to join the competition!


Nice initiative.

I’m quite busy these days so I won’t participate but OK for my track if someone wants to remix it, or parts of it. :+1:


I’m also in if everyone else is in :relaxed:
Of course my track can be remixed. Thanks for organizing!


Oh, a bonus compo, sounds fun! ^^ I want to make a remix!
I’m also okay for my track to be remixed.


The compo deadline is 1st of September.

Can we use the stems or only the rendered final track? Have to re-listen to all the tracks.




I will make somekind of downloadable zip file that gets updated periodically; that have wavs & xrns files

* If the artist shares an XRNS of the remix, their total votes are multiplied x 3

Yeah, hmm , maybe people can also tell if their track has xrns to remix

this is a nice idea

here’s my wav and xrns if anyone wants to remix it:

and the track in case anyone forgot:

if i have a relatively free august i’ll take part :star:


OK to remix
OK to be remixed

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Nice to see that people are interested about this ; D

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:ph34r: Compo approaching !!! :drummer: !!! Any more contestants ¿¿¿???

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Its almost starting. :grin::+1:

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Artists who have already given permission to make remixes of their song of Mutant Breaks #12:

Forum Name: The Empty Self Land_of_Bits
Artist and Track name: Type-A - Amigos Mutantes

Forum Name: HeartBeatHero alien7
Artist and Track name: HeartBeatHero - Lets be friends (Mutant Break Compo 12)

Forum Name: stoiximan
Artist and Track name: Panos Kostagiannis - Friends By PanosK (Mutant Breaks #12)Renoise

Forum Name: Clouds Gone OopsIFly
Artist and Track name: Clouds Gone - Fritzens Friends

Forum Name: Conner_Bw
Artist and Track name: trotch - Woody Harrelson Remix

Forum Name: lilith
Artist and Track name: Lilith 93 - Artificial Intelligence

Forum Name: Fabrice
Artist and Track name: Make A Wish - Pixel Friends (Mutant Breaks 12 competition entry - free download)

Forum Name: sunnk TwoThreeZero
Artist and Track name: sunnk - augury swore the skull of essence

Forum Name: sokoban
Artist and Track name: ghismart - RST

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