MBCR #13.1 remix compo

Renoise’s second most unorganized music competition has Reborn

Mutant Breaks Competition Remix #13.1

----- - — - More odd meters/warped time/extra dimensions/ glitch - — - -----

Just divide it more…


  • No rules!

Additional rules:

  • Remix one or more songs from MBC#13
    = to get voted in the best of the remixes

  • Track owners from MBC#13 must give their consent to remix their tune

  • Answer in this thread if you will share your track from MBC#13 for everybody to Remix

  • Dont remix without permission!!!

A bunch of more rules:

  • Everybody from the forums can participate by making a remix

  • You can make as many remixes as you wish but you can vote only for top three

  • If the artist shares an XRNS of the remix, their total votes are multiplied x 3

  • Participants must post their track as a link in this thread.

  • Compo starts 1st of October and ends 23rd of October, when after the voting starts

  • The top track is randomly selected among the 8 most voted remixes, during somekind of realtime online live stream radio broadcast

  • You can remix either the xrns project file or remix chop hack n slice n slash the final rendered audio file

    • for example some tunes have lots of plugins/VSTs or U are on a different operating system than the song was written on, so it could be easier to just to remix the wav/mp3 file

::: Extra points :::

  • If a participant writes a mini-review for their top 3, then they get _ 1 bonus vote _.

  • If a participant writes a mini-review for every remix in the compo, then they get _ 3 bonus votes _.

::: Prizes :::

    1. 100€
    1. 60€
    1. 20€
      winners will get their money prizes through paypal

Don’t know what Mutant Breaks Competition is?
Check the link: http://www.trotch.com/mbc/


Boom. Mutant Breaks [lucky] #13
Here’s mbc 13 thread. Many project files within :slight_smile:
Psyched for this… Let’s goooooooooo!

My tune (Time Paradox) is fair game to remix… Permission granted :+1:

SC render:

xrns: time paradox

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Man this is going to be a difficult task as most of the songs from MBC#13 are rather complex with no real structure but i will give it a go!!!




so, Now it is time to sign in;

  • i will gather somekind of downloadable pack of the songs to remix
    • so it would be nice if U could share XRNS- and WAVe-file at the same time
      • or atleast tell where to find it: maybe enable soundcloud download/homepage/topic-link … ¿?

You might want to pm all the mbc 13 participants to get their attention around permission issues. Some ppl only visit the forum sporadically/rarely and might not see this thread til oct 22nd :wink:

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oh … Really good idea!, i will …

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U can download my tune from soundcloud, i mean i’m in :sweat_smile:

Or better quality WAV-HERE, XRNS-HERE


I’m fine with anyone wanting to remix my track, but I’ll also be creating a new, superior version of it for an upcoming EP.


i added some compo art to original post


Yes, please remix my submission; it seems very dark, had a bad case of ‘glue ear’ when it was made.


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Made my track downloadable on Bandcamp here, open for remixing - just put in $0.00:

Of course, non-commercial attribution license, in case I’d like to ever use it for something :slight_smile:


Question… Can remixes be in 4/4 or do they have to be odd-metered?

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You all have permission to remix mine.

Someone tell me who to remix. I am incapable of making my own decisions.

Link to the xrns is in the song’s description.


Feel free to remix mine! Song is downloadable on Soundcloud.



I probably won’t be doing anything, but I’m all ears lol

Edit: made an event in Discord to keep track of the contest, if anyone is interested (the link leads to the Renoise Breakcore server, so please be advised)



Woodpecking Mantis. If they’re in, that is


@Woodpecking_Mantis are you game?


It can be 4/4, anything goes this time; emphasis is on howto manage to make remix easily, with low threshold for forum people to participate ; D


I give permission to whoever wants to remix mine. :+1: