i have access to 97% pure MDA (not mdma, or a pressed pill), and i’d like to hear your experiences with the substance if you’ve done it.

please no, “drugs are bad” posts without personal experience. at the moment, i’m very afraid of MDMA since it is known to cause morphological changes in neuron structure, such as the removal of dendritic spines which are thought to increase the surface area of the receiving ends of the human neuron. your thoughts?

I’m not going to make a “drugs r bad mmmkay?” post… but I am going to ask you a question:

Why would you ever want to take such a substance?

MDMA’s #1 claim is that it induces a state of euphoria where people get to feel at one with existence… nirvana if you will.

So lets say you take it… and you get the best feeling you’ve ever felt… what happens when you’re no longer in that state of bliss? You get to go back to the non-blissful feeling that you’ve always felt? Never to feel that same feeling again unless you take some more MDMA?

So yes… my question is: Why do you want to take MDMA? It’s not a rhetorical question… I actually want an answer :P

That said, I don’t have experience with MDMA, but my cousin went on a year long E bender… which lasted so long because he couldn’t stand the feeling of real life after he came down. He’s got an anxiety disorder now \o/

I’d try a deprivation tank = more natural…

I’m by no means suggesting to do both at the same time.

There is no undo button for certain things in life.


Hey, Mushen,

My friend is a biochemist and says that MDMA is less neurotoxic than MDA. All our experiences, learning etc. modify our neural network connections. Just don’t take too much, start with a low dose. Take antioxidants like 5 hours beforehand and 3-4 hours after taking the substance for safeplay. Check and for more information.

Because it’s a lot of fun to take MDMA under the right circumstances :)
And I understand your reasoning with being depressed because you’re not in the state of bliss anymore, but in the long run for me it doesn’t work that way. For about a week after taking MDMA I’ll feel a strong urge to do it again, which I thankfully don’t give in to :) I’ve had good times on E, and I’m glad I tried it, but I probably won’t do it ever again, partly because of the uncertainty on the health risks, and partly b/c it feels like i’m growing up :P (and partly because I usually really embarrass myself :D)
But the health risks, from doing it once or twice, is from what I’ve read on the subject negligable.

Mushen: do it with friends, it’s easier to connect with people who are on the same substance. Sober people will appreciate how your felling but you’ll notice they won’t quite understand :P

firstly, MDA is slightly different to MDMA. you can read about the finer points of that on in terms of risks and damage to you its probably about the same. i think most people prefer MDMA, but MDA has its own charms certainly and some people would actively choose to take it over MDMA. i could be wrong but i think its slightly more trippy and less of a full on euphoric buzz.

secondly, you should make any such decision by doing some proper research first (erowid is probably a good starting point).

this is my opinion anyway


  1. potential to have an amazing experience in the company of friends.

  2. possibly its worth taking at least once for the ‘interestingness’ of the experience. ie. you can learn something about your body and brain chemistry, how it is possible to feel just by altering the chemical balance from taking it. also you’ll probably at least appreciate why other people want to take it even if its not for you to do again. i think the interesting/experience factor perhaps warrants taking it at least once, however as drugs go i think its pretty uninteresting on the whole, and if you’re doing it for interest you could get some psychedelics instead which will be much more fascinating in my opinion.

  3. if done sensibly in a safe environment with a controlled dose the risks are minimal.

  4. You may have tell everyone how much you love them and hug everyone a lot.

  5. For some people, it’s the only way to stay up all night and dance like crazy and properly lose yourself in a rave, which can be an absolutely life affirming experience in itself.


  1. go crazy and huff the whole bag at a rave and anything could happen. you could fall off a bridge and end up in a coma as happened to one guy at a rave around here a couple of years ago. its an extreme example but it happens unfortunately on occasion. still you could also step in front of a bus completely sober, there’s risks in everything, right?

  2. its seldom pure, even if you’re told its 97% pure, unless you did the science to prove that yourself then it almost certainly isn’t. lack of purity could mean you have a horrible experience, shaking in a corner for 6 hours and throwing up periodically. depending on your body this could be common or uncommon. the trick is to know your body and mind and to make decisions based on that knowledge with things like this.

  3. assuming its illegal in your country then you’re are funding criminal organisations. from an ethical standpoint this is frequently unpleasant. there is no such thing as fair trade cocaine, for example. the fact you bought it off “some friend who knows a guy who knows someone” isn’t the whole picture. if you do care about sex trafficing and such issues then its possibly hypocritical to take drugs which are invaribaly connected to the same organisations if you follow the paper trail.

  4. excessive habitual use of MDMA/MDA does arguably have a negative affect on your brain. the brain is pretty damn important for everything you do so its no necessarily wise to mess around with it. this is probably the biggest reason not to take it, although once or twice is probably not going to do too much damage to most people.

  5. MDA/MDMA produces horrible come downs which get worse the more you take it. the first time you might not have a come down at all, but ultimately you may find it becomes impossible to disassociate the come-down from the euphoria.

  6. It is possible that use of stuff like this can trigger serious depression. Essentially you are making yourself feel good for a short time and feel bad afterwards… it’s actually a similar pattern to what depressed people experience; ie. an inbalance where sometimes they’ll feel great and other times absolutely horrible. If you are prone to depression in any way its possibly a bad idea to take MDMA.

  7. You may have tell everyone how much you love them and hug everyone a lot, and some of them might not be on the stuff so they won’t get it.

  8. You will probably grind your teeth alot which can actually damage your teeth.

  9. If you don’t take it, it’s still possible to have a great time staying up all night at raves. Invoke your own positivity. It won’t be the same of course, but you might find its ultimately preferable and has a more ‘real’ and thus more meaningful pleasure?

I hope thats not too “drugs are bad” a perspective for you. Personally i would not want to take it, and i would suggest if you do want to take mind altering substances you are better off to go with organic psychedelic ones instead, they are more interesting and less toxic for your body and mind. Also some of them are quasi legal or at least can be obtained naturally depending on your country, which means you know exactly what you are taking and where its come from. But the bottom line is do your research and make an informed decision.

i think this is spot on, and i don’t think most people find themself in a situation where they are taking it and can’t stop, because it isn’t really addictive. but it has only really become culturally widespread in its use since the late 80s, and consequently i feel that it is to a degree experimental, where the positive or negative long-term effects for the individual and for society are not necessarily known. make of that what you will.

That’s what the pacifiers are for… while you’re at it, check out the adult diaper section at your local drugstore :rolleyes:

I’ll spare everyone a life story, but I’ve had many bad experiences with all sorts of drugs. MDMA being one of them. I’ve always been a bit on the negative, even cynical side, but after a 2 year run (that ended 5 years ago) of doing MDMA and Cocaine fairly regularly, I still don’t feel the same. I feel depressed more than a person normally should, and I even feel less intelligent than I did prior to getting into that stuff.

At the risk of a “Drugs are bad” post, just don’t bother with it. Make music instead.

I dunno. I can see your point I think. It’s a tricky and convoluted situation, enough to make anybody not want to take drugs. What do you mean with lost? I can imagine there’s a personality type which lends itself to taking drugs and feeling good, but ultimately not sorting out inner issues. And yeah, drugs are a pretty dead-end past-time. I don’t believe they helped me grow as a person very much :) It starts with new exciting sensations, with a bit of fear at the fringes of your conciousness because you don’t quite know what’s going on, but following that road is ultimately a dead end I think. So, ultimately, it’s no biggie not taking any drugs.

Ok that’s pretty depressing. I thought you meant lost as in “not sure what to do with their life” or “seeing a psychiatrist”

What is in the other 3%? Who told you that this is 97%? Can I have his number?

Questions, questions . . .

musak and kinkaysecks mmmkay?

Sorry to hear that Kaneel. I had a female friend as well, smart chick, had the potential to do good things.

She was lost in both senses of the word. No going back, last I heard she overdosed.

Like the Shawshank Redemption quote: You get busy livin or you get busy dyin.


You can ask for info where you like, but it all comes down to yourself.
One likes driving a car, the other hates it.
I don’t know the effects of MDA very good, because I was also very drunk (very bad, I know)
But with these kind of drugs you have to be in good mental condition. Don’t take it while depressed or other state of down-emotions, or if there is something bothering you. (the last one can really drive you nuts while under influence)
The other thing I would like to give you is, don’t use it alone.
Preferably with some people you can trust and feel right with.

Experimenting with drugs is a personal choice and people are in my opinion free to make that choice.

Just take care that you are very well informed:
-Lots of drugs perform an intoxication and intoxication means a chemical reaction with a fixed result to your body or brains, which is always irreversable.
-How severe may the intoxication be or how worse may the results of the intoxication get?
-How high is the certainty of the risk?
-Do you consider the severity of the intoxication, or result of it worth the test?

Add more questions to the list at will and then make a sort of score list.
I guess you can figure out yourself in that case if it can harm or not.

the real question is why are you asking on a forum instead of just boshing the damn thing and getting sweaty at a rave?

drugs are only bad when taken out of context.