Melodyne VST stops transfer instantly with PDC enabled

Not exactly 3.0 bug per se, but I was kind of hoping this one would have been fixed, since my old bug reports are in archive now.

Yes, crashes have been fixed, but it still bugs with PDC enabled and stops transfer when you press play in Renoise. Maybe something that Renoise sends to plugins at start of the pattern when PDC is enabled, but doesn’t when PDC is disabled?

Only happens if there are plugins that cause latency.

Using latest Melodyne Editor(2.1.2)

Attachment demonstrating the problem requires latest Melodyne Editor and FM8.

No, my last reply in unfortunately is still true.

If I remember well this only happened when starting the song at the very first pattern, didn’t it?

Please try contacting celemony as well. Probably they can give us more info here or fix the problem on their side.

no, that happens with every patternstart (melodyne 1 in my case). my workaround is to have first renoise running and then press record/transfer in melodyne, unfortunately you miss then the first line in start pattern, also melodyne stops on patternchange or patternwrap, so the renoise patternwrap command seems to trigger the melodyne transfer stop command.