Meta Device - Operator

I am not a coder, programmer or synth engineer so bare with me. Also, I’m sorry if this was already brought up before.

I would like to have a meta device which inputs a value (from keytracking device or whatever), operates (by parameters value and operator - *, /, +, -, %) and sends the output. This would for instance be a way to make semi random modulations, which still have consistency to them.
If this device also had a “remember” tick, making it output the value one step delayed, you could for instance connect several of them and make “random” modulations while still having the same effect when moving from note D-5 to note C-4.

Possibly it could also have two inputs that it could operate and merge to one output.

Anyone following me, or can I clarify this in some way?

If you look deeper inside, you will find the answer. :rolleyes:

I don’t get it.

Tell me more?

Answers seek you must yourselves.

Well the offsets and scaling can all be done with the appropriate mix/max slider settings.

As to operands, not a new suggestion and would be nice, especially for combining things like tracking devices as LFOs in neater and more flexible ways than sending to the Offset etc.

Top quality english and support.

Thanks. Yeah, similar suggestion.

I value the remember feature as it would make it possible to modulate to various degrees depending on the change in velocity/key et c, possibly combined with two inputs in the operator device.

I didn’t at first either. Then I realised that he’s referring to the Formula Device which existed very briefly during the 2.6 alpha tests, but never officially made it into the public betas.

Given that it was never made public, and there isn’t even a deprecated DSP chain preset included with 2.6 to access it, I’m not sure if it’s completely safe to use, but here’s the necessary code to copy and paste into the Track DSPs section. Use at your own risk.

Be sure to check the [?] help button on the device itself to get a list of parameters and functions you can use.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>  
<filterdeviceclipboard doc_version="0"><br>
  <deviceslot type="FormulaMetaDevice"><br>
      <formulaparagraph>A * sin(LINEF / NUMLINES * TWOPI * <img src="" class="bbc_emoticon" alt="B)"> + C</formulaparagraph><br>
      <functionsparagraph>function inv(x)</functionsparagraph><br>
      <functionsparagraph> return (1.0 - x)</functionsparagraph><br>
      <visualization>Device only</visualization><br>
      <visualization>Device only</visualization><br>
      <visualization>Device only</visualization><br>
      <visualization>Device only</visualization><br>
      <visualization>Device only</visualization><br>
      <visualization>Device only</visualization><br>

Timed FIFO buffer for values could be quite a cool feature but due to the semi-modularity of Renoise I would say should be its own device. Turn a smooth sine wave LFO into a 4bit, stepped LFO with one simple device and much, much more. Nice idea, shouldn’t be to complex and would fit in with the way Renoise works very well.

Why doesn’t it say Alpha Tester under your name? :P

Stealth mode ;)

Doesn’t work for me, copy the code and then paste it as device chain. Except it doesn’t let me, just does nothing. It’s probably me just being a retard as always…

Try pasting it in a track in the mixer.

This is great… Play begins … now!

It’s not a device chain, it’s just a single device. You just need to copy all of the XML from my post, switch to Renoise, right click in any Track DSPs chain, then choose ‘Paste Device’.

If that still doesn’t work for some reason, then here’s a DSP chain preset you can load via the Disk Browser instead:

Still doesn’t work.

Yeah as I guessed it was just me being an ass, sorry for trouble .__.

E: Yeah this shit’s so cash :D I love making all sorts of functions <3

Intereste dto play with this when I get home =D


wow. no idea how it works… but i moved some faders, and now i see funkeh automations… !!! sweet.

Thanks a lot. This meta device is amazing.

Taktik will rage!

I approve of this meta device leak.