Meta Mixer: How Does It Work?

Hoi, I’ e got a question about the meta mixer, in fact I don’t get the hang of it at al .
So we’re supposedd to insert some meta deives before the meta mixer and the mixer takes these as an input or what .
Help appreciated

checked the video? -> at 5:29


  • 3 inputs: A B C
  • all 3 can be automated by metadevices or envelopes
  • it get mixed proportional to the 3 graphs you can adjust
  • 3 control 1 (so to speak)

^ i think the video is Achenar’s, not vV’s (although he has done many of the Renoise video’s on youtube, but then again, so has Achenar :))

anyway, the video is the only right answer here. it explains it very well.

Maybe this old thread will help you understand it a bit more:

Basically, the device just takes the inputs from other meta devices, blends them together based on the weights you choose, and outputs a new meta signal that is a mixture of the three inputs. You can use it for a variety of interesting things, such as adding a small amount of randomisation to the smooth output from an LFO, or to gradually mix between different devices over certain parts of your song, etc.

It’s actually Achenar :)

, I thought the meta mixer was a source and not a destination , makes sense now
THanks guys

It’s both :)

Think of it almost like a reverse Hydra.

You feed some stuff in, mix it all together, then it gives you a new output that you can connect to other devices.

Meta mixer is something pretty unique and awesome!

The more you work with it the more you love it

the Meta Mixer is a really great idea. it is the Formula Device, but a bit more ‘tuned down’ so it becomes usable :P

and it’s stable, it doesn’t crash ;)

and it can wobble those wobbles

I’m lazy, please post cool meta-mixer dsp chains :drummer:

if the formula is crashing please provide more info please. it’s not publicly released but in order to appear in the near future we should need your feedback, shouldn’t we ?

It was in 2.7.2 but that was apparently fixed for this release. Hopefully he was talking about previous experience. Doubt it’s been looked so heavily into yet with so many official new features ;)

EDIT: I can confirm I can repeatedly load songs with multiple Formula Devices which would previously force Renoise to close upon loading once every few attempts. So definitely some improvement there :)

i haven’t had many experience with the formula device, but the guys have been using it for DDRC23 to actually build a song with it, and that thread is filled with reports of crashes. i doubt many have posted crashlogs or whatever though, but they have been testing it. even with the lack of actual crashlogs, you might still want to check out the thread:

please let me make clear here i wasn’t criticizing or ridiculing the formula device. i do not understand how it works exactly because it is too much math for me, but in spite of that i can still see its potential. i would love to see it implemented in Renoise eventually, mainly to see what bigger minds than me can cook up with it. you are right to ask for feedback, but i cannot give it to you. i’m sorry if my comment offended you (as it seems to, from your reaction?)

oh. i missed this thread completely ! something interesting stuff indeed going on. pity people don’t post crashlogs or more info about which scripts crashed.

btw, i’m not offended… but i prefer take a look if something crash :)

It was more a case of using multiple Formula Devices, especially when cascaded controlling each other, that it would be fine during that session but Renoise would attempting to load it at a later date.

This is reported fixed by Taktik and as I say above I have loaded song repeatedly that gave trouble before so it seems the fix has worked for this bug at least.

I did report it during that competition phase but it turned out Jonas (I think it was) had reported it a short while beforehand and the bug had already been caught and fixed.