I just have tested MIDI-instruments and Midi-CC commands through Track-DSP/Meta devices. It works perfectly…except for one thing.

There are devices that require sending Midi "Bank"command BEFORE setting the patch - specifically: “Yamaha-XG standard” devices. And yeah - I know it is old one - but it is not a dramatic ‘pain in the ass’ to allow sending some commands before? (maybe another meta-device “MIDI-CC before”).

I believe sending “Bank” before and after setting the patch would solve the problem.

Sequence for setting extended patch from Midi-XG standard is as follows:

syntax: midiOutShortMessage(command, control, value);

midiOutShortMessage(0xB0|channel,0, control0val); // typically control0val = 0
midiOutShortMessage(0xB0|channel,32, bank); // bank command BEFORE “patch” command
midiOutShortMessage(0xC0|channel, patch); // patch

for example:
patch=26; bank=26; control0val=0; // Guitar Jazz - classical General-MIDI
patch=26; bank=18; control0val=0; // Guitar Mellow - Yamaha-XG

I don’t know whether it is also problem with midi-devices other than Yamahas.