MIDI Export (yet again)

I know this has ben mentioned before (I think it is quite worth another post, especially after all this time of pretty much nothing done)… but seriously we really really need midi export that can produce midis usable for MS GM, XG, MT32, ect. So many users would benfit from this, the tool that exists simply does not cut it - we need more support for program changes and ccs and other stuffs. The framework is all there, we have the inst. midi control effect that does wonders with vst control. All we need is for those to be exported. I love everything else about Renoise, but in this it falls short. Like I’ve said here before, OpenMPT does better at midi export… and it’s not even a proper daw like Renoise is. Midi support for the people, I say!!! I really hope we get midi export with the next release, this is what I am paying for. I don’t have a lot of income but I would quite seriously pay what little I have to make this happen. I’m sure there are users who are on the fence that would join the Renoise fever with this added in. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: (This is a hill I am willing to die on.)

Besides midi files, this would be very useful for working with others who use other DAWs.

of note, this is also quite important, I have hit it when using the edirol orchestral vst:

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You might want to try OscMagic (midisoft.de)

I’ve looked at this link a few times. I have no idea what OscMAgic is, or what it does, or how to get it…

Can you use this plugin? Or it is limited for your tasks?

Unless I am mistaken, this has no way to export program changes, so yes it’s too limited. The tool is okay at exporting the midi and using it in another daw, but I’m looking for midi creation, the like of OpenMPT. It’s pretty weird that most daws can export midis… and Renoise can’t

I did mention that tool in my post, but it is buried in the middle heh ~

Try not to use program changes at all. Just makes no sense in 2022. Instead use multiple instances of the plugin. Isn’t edirol orchestral even multitimbral, so that you can use it with multiple channels at once? I think nobody in the world will help you with adding prog change support into midi export, tbh.

That said the current midi export has quite a bunch of general midi features kept in mind afaik.