Midi Chords

I have an Edirol-pcr midi controller and I can only press one note at a time. What gives?

there’s a button: ‘enable chords’, top left of your screen :)

or ctrl+` if you can remember it!


First post here (of probably quite a few <_< ).
I have the same problem. I made sure that MIDI chording is enabled. My two-finger presses appear in Renoise 1.9.1 (Mac) always as two notes pressed after each other.

I tried it in Garageband and it works there, so the keyboard (Axiom 25) is probably not the problem. Any ideas ?

you gotta hold shift then enter the notes, as if you were playing an arpeggio

Yes, that works. Thank you.

It’s a bit inconvenient though, since I have no SHIFT key on my MIDI keyboard. I thought I had for the first time in my life a use for the CAPS LOCK key, but that doesn’t work :)

It would be pretty weird if you did have shift on the midi keyboard ;). afaik, it’s the only way to do it.

you can record chords live though. the quantize mode works great too if you want that.

I don’t get it. :( If I use record mode, and use Shift, I can chord in notes with my MIDI keyboard. But if I press play/record to enter chords in real time, it doesn’t work even if I use SHIFT.

Here’s a screenshot, 00 was entered async, 08 was the live chord attempt.

nah, the shift thing is for sequencing, not live.
not sure what’s causing your problem as you’ve already got chord mode on.

I downloaded Renoise for Windows (instead of Mac) and the behaviour is just the same.
If I check with MIDI Monitor, this is what my keyboard sends:

22:33:12.671 From Anschluss 1 Note On 1 F0 57  
22:33:12.686 From Anschluss 1 Note On 1 A0 66  
22:33:12.847 From Anschluss 1 Note Off 1 F0 0  
22:33:12.863 From Anschluss 1 Note Off 1 A0 0  

and that looks completely normal.

So I guess, Renoise can’t really do it.

you mean you dont! its the most important key on my midi keyboard! such an expressive control for sound! :P

i’ve only got ctrl