Lock Keyboard Focus

C:\Documents and Settings\vvoois\Application Data\Renoise\V2.0.0\Config.xml:





This option will be overridden, so currently there is no way to keep it enabled…

Not if i write protect the file with policies it won’t ;)
But then again, it won’t store other changes either.

Well, that’s kinda weird. Why did it work in RNS1.8 but not 2?

i also have to turn it off every single time i launch renoise.
why can’t the last state it was set to by the user just be remembered such as the settings for options like “chord mode” or “pattern follow” or (…) are being recalled?

Some people need to get kicked in the head. If they paid attention, they wouldn’t have accidents. Kinda like drivers.

Another good example when not to decide the default behavior of a feature, whether or not on behalf of users.
(I have not forgotten about the pain from changing and fixing the chord / keyjazz default behavior)

I think that not attaching a default keybinding to the keyboard-focus lock mode might have been a better solution instead.

alright… and now “some users” complain about the locked default behaviour because they do not tend to accidentally click around on the GUI’s buttons like a lunatic. are we getting heard as well? :)
to me this sounds like a “rather support the aimless than the conscious acting user” policy, which i neither can understand nor approve.

and if the “accidental-push” issue really is the reason for the change of default behaviour from 1.8 to 1.9, one should consequently lock ALL of the GUIs buttons or NONE of’em.
the way it is handled now is highly incoherent and lacks logic.
now just imagine someone accidentally clicked the “chord mode” or the “follow pattern” buttons in the upper left corner of the GUI - gonna lock these as well to an unsaveable state of always on or off?
where’s the difference between those buttons and that focus button in the upper right?
why is only this button “accidentally” pushed by the respective group of users and the aforementioned others not?
am i the only that thinks that this logic is flawed seriously?

Perhaps we just need to change the default key (F8) which IS really easy to accidentally hit because of the Global view presets from F1-F7…

this doesn’t solve the actual problem for why this thread was started.
actually it would only help “the others” that always do stuff by accident.
besides that, everybody can change the F8 key permanently in the preferences, but for guys like meow and me, there still wouldn’t be a permanent solution and the “always have to hit that damn button after renoise launch” trickery continous.

that said i want to say that i personally don’t have a problem with hitting the key once every start of renoise, but i don’t remember disabling the tight focus everytime and do some weird stuff because of that during actual songwriting, because some hotkeys do then of course not work and do other weird stuff in the pattern editor instead of the place where i expected it.

my opinion: either all those buttons are remembered or none are.
please make things more coherent. handling this button that way and that button this way just doesn’t make any sense and confuses the user (even though i can only speak for myself ofc).
first time i noticed this behaviour in 1.9 i even thought it was a BUG and i still think it feels like one.

Of course i meant that the F8 could be set to another key AND remember the state.

No you are not the only one…
However, the Chord button indeed got hit by accident or not… there are many confusions about it:

But as well as with other buttons like pattern scroll…
Perhaps we need to add a few FAQ entries in the Renoise FAQ…

edit:FAQ entry added… i was wondering why it was not added in the first place…

vV our personal forum detective :)
Just here to say I’m with Keith and Meow here.

Thanks Drips. :)

But at least this forum answered my question. For a while there I thought I was actually going crazy, but now I know that it’s just clumsy people that ruined it for the rest of us.

Doesn’t really matter, I guess I’ll get used to just doing that every time, but I hope it can be fixed for the next release.

That and add Note interpolation for heaven’s sake!!!

No it is the gui that does not seem to be clear for a few of us.
This brings back a point in the backstage discussion about replacing text for icons and also brings in the angle:will this deliver more questions?

Also, this is the perfect moment to put up some icon design contest…


I’m in, I know the thoughts of the main product must be taken to a minimum, but these kind of threats show there are made some weird decisions.

Decisions are made with the best intensions, but it does not usually always have to work out great…
Just to quote Harrison Ford from Jurassic Park:
“With the best intentions? Some of the worst things imaginable have been done with the best intentions.”

I perfectly agree with you, and a perfectly placed quote. But Harrison Ford?
Alan Grant was played by Sam Neill.
EWps, i mixed him up… watched too many Indiana Jones lately :P

I would call that compromises, not decisions. The problem we face now is that the concept is too “fuzzy”. We should have enabled the feature by default, and then solve the problems of the focus instead of disabling the focus by default. This way we’ve just hidden the main problem.

I suppose, but they should’ve at least put an option in the preferences that overrides the default. In that case, there wouldn’t be any of those accidental setting changes while tracking.