Midi Control For Mute/solo Track

So the live mode will really make sense…


i know this is not eactly the same, but since i don’t think this will be implemented in 2.1, you can assign MIDI controls to track volumes, for exampple to a MIDI switch

As you say, it’s not exactly the same and it doesn’t work with the “solo”.
I don’t want to bother renoise team cause I really thinq they are making a fucking great job but I ask this feature a long time ago because I was thinking it was not a great deal to implement but maybee I am wrong.
It’s a pity because I think this would really be a usefull tool in a live oriented approche.

To do this i have just been using Reaper as a mixer (Something it is amazing at by the way) via Rewire (Reaper master Renoise slave) and then you have full MIDI control of the mixer ;)


yes yes yes oh please. this would further expand on renoises live abilities.
and how about MMC control for the transport so we can use those fancy play and stop buttons on midi controllers or through virtual midi/rewire.

I’d like this too. Generally, more stuff controllable by MIDI would be cool. Like Instrument parameters.

For the channel muting (and other stuff), you can use the nanonoise tool under Linux:

yep, would be a nice feaure to have.
already missed it ocassionally and had to switch to numpad instead, which isn’t too handy if the rest is controlled by another device (midi keyb).

I am missing this feature also so much (and so a long time).
And it makes more and more sense.

i agree to all the above.
this is an obvious omission from an otherwise incredible piece of software. Having owned a BCR2000 controller and last weekend bought an Akai MPD32 i have been reminded of this problem.

The MPD32 features a footswitch in amongst other switches and i was hoping to use this to step through the patterns whilst performing live.

Its a real shame that midi switches cannot be a part of the key command set up and become freely assignable to the wide array of parameters made available to the keyboard shortcuts.

Being unable to use midi switches (like on the new and very affordable korg nano controllers) to mute, unmute and solo tracks as well as switch effects on and off is very frustrating. But to use the midi switches in a wider more creative manner to control other software elements would be incredible and would make renoise a real viable live tool (i dont want to change to ableton live due to this problem as i have been a tracker user since the sinclair and commodore 64 days and supported renoise by buying 2 licences since the start)

if anyone knows of a workaround this problem for mac OSX then please let me know… thanks :)

I´m not a mac user but i know midistrokeconverts midi data in key strokes.

Bome’s Midi Translator
-MAC (only v1.6.1 available)- This version don’t work with Renoise on PC don’t know on MAC.

Autokey with this MIDI input library hard to use(scripted) but free. - trying this one now and it works (PC only)