Midi Control For Pitchbend

Why isn’t there a MIDI control for pitchbend or the pitch slide function? Or can I just put a knob on my MPK (without pitch control) to a certain CC and it’ll work as a transpose/pitchbend? The 01/02 PEs are alright but I want to try 'em out live, record them, etc instead of just programming <=> playing.

If there’s a way to do this already please tell me and close the topic :)

Midi Control Device and then the pitchbend parameter?

I’m afraid you don’t comprehend what I mean. I don’t have any instruments besides my PC, so all instruments and samples are in there, only thing I have is a MIDI controller, instrumentation so you will. I want to adjust/slide samples’ pitch rate with an encoder (knob).

I don’t think this works for sampled (XRNI) instruments. just plugin/midi.

it really should though.

couldn’t tell you right now because I don’t have a pitch bend control neither a VSTi atm :P anyways, I’m going to try it with the MPE’s transpose (make it a midi bind…)

just a flux idea.
maybe its possible via API to get a midi bind for the 01xx/02xx command while playing the pattern.
even better for every pattern- command some knobs. at first i thought duplex would do stuff like this but i guess thats not the case.

As the topic mention we want a better way of recording the pitch bend on to the sequence (not onto the note column but onto the automation)

From what I can gather the midi mapping doesn’t allow the pitch bend control to be mapped as that control (!) but the modulation wheel is allowed to be mapped as pitch bend. this is very strange.
Has anyone had more luck than me?

I would love to see a pitch bend disable button in minds of recording to the note column and just onto automation.

sorry about my poor English writing.