Pitch bend Midi Controler

I found some older topics like Midi Control For Pitchbend and asked myself if there is a way to use a pitchbend controller on a sample now. I’m programming a Behringer BCR2000 at the moment.


I’ve done a scripting attempt, but you will not like it :P

Why should I not like it? ??

The script works fine. Only when it’s recorded i have steps instead of a continious slide. Is this something i can configure anywhere?

Not in the script itself, the script runs in the UI thread. You might accomplish something by raising the frame-rate frequency in the GUI preferences, ofcourse at the cost of cpu power for audio processing.
Hence i said:You’re not going to like it

Okay. Let’s hope for 3.0

I’m presuming it’s because Renoise concentrates on 7bit midi and pitchbend is 14bit. is it not possible to change the sample rate of the samples in an instrument on the fly, or is that just too much CPU horsepower ?

No, effects commands do it quite perfectly. Let’s hope 3.0 “bridges the gap” between sample pitch bends and midi ones =)