Midi Controller Help

Hi there,

I recently got an Akai MPD Mini MIDI controller. I’m new to Renoise, and music production in general, and though I did some searching and read the manual, I still have a question or two.

I have only been able to work “within” one instrument at a time with my MIDI controller, i.e. hitting different pads gives me different notes of the same instrument instead of giving me the same note of different instruments. How do I change it so that different pads are matched to different instruments in the Renoise instrument selector window? Of course I would like to have a little drum kit matched up with a couple of pads instead of each pad just giving me a different frequency of the same kick sample.



Are you using version 2.7? There have been improvements for MIDI control. Specifically “MIDI Input can now be routed to individual instruments and tracks” which wasn’t possible in previous versions.

If you haven’t already, you’ll want to look at “Sample Keyzones” in the manual. [@see: http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Sample_Keyzones] With this method you would build your own instrument. You would setup your instrument to contain the various samples and assign them to the appropriate keys.

But, maybe you mean something like “Midi Mapping Scaling” in which case a user wrote an XRNX tool to do this: [@see: New Tool (2.7): Scaled Midi Octave Input]

Hope this helps.