Midi Drums

I am happily recording the notes from a MIDI drum kit. The problem is that the if I play a cymbal and then a drum the cymbal gets cut off.

Is there a simple way of lining notes up to a given column??


If you look at the little icons at the top left corner, one of them has little piano keys on it. That way, if you record live, there will be automaticly be created new columns.

If you just want a column extra in a track you should click the + at the top left of the track you want the drums to be in.

If your talking about note OFFs, that option is in the preference menu. (don’t know wich tab exactly tbh but it shouldn’t be hard to find)

And if you are referring to live recording in diffrent tracks… its not possible ^^

Thanks for that td6d. Thats exactly what I wanted

Might have been slightly premature ^^^^

Yes clicking the piano button allows addtional additional columns but I was looking for something that automatically assigns columns against notes.

Currently, we cannot do it in such way, unfortunately.
Please see this Idea & suggestions topic.
We need more brainstorming…indeed. :rolleyes:

Thanks satobox for the info just have to sort it out by hand

You using a MIDI drum kit to trigger samples within Renoise? If so turn the NNA settings for the instrument’s samples to Continue.

also, unchecking
Edit => Preferences => MIDI => “Note offs”
checkbox should improve things

In combination with the chord mode :lol:

Thanks all will try thes out later tonight

if i understand what you want to do, is just to play drums and hear them with long tails…
i think i know what you have to do…

if you are aranging samples in order like this in one single column





there is one way to solve the note cut off problem…

  1. select your sample you are playing.
  2. go to “sample editor”
  3. in the “sample properties” NNA dialog - change “cut” to “note off”
  4. go to “instrument editor”
  5. draw or use curent volume envelope
  6. check the box to activate the volume envelope.

THATS IT your sound should not be cuted by other samples, do this to other samples as well…

sorry to hijack the thread but who else thinks this should just be a button in the main GUI.

the main GUi needs a reorganization; adding another button like this would crowd the whole thing even more, but there should at least be a shortcut for this operation. the best thing would be the ability to set this and other options on a per-instrument basis so, instead of the main GUI, I think that the best place for this option is in the MIDI properties of the Instrument Settings tab