MIDI files import to phrase editor

I’d love to see ability to import MIDI phrases via drag’n’drop to phrase editor (import with options is too time consuming when checking many files). Phrase editor should expand accordingly to the midi file length.

Personally I have a library for instruments phrases…
simple select the notes from your midi_right click and choice create phrase from selection then export (with a name) to your library.

Export to midi you mean?

I’ve got about 20000 midi phrases lying around, so I’d prefer to drag’n’drop them to phrase editor for fast preview and tweakin.

Open your phrase editor and go to the right notation with the name “init”,click and go to the last note “export preset”.
This is not midi it’s a xrnz file and you will find it with your browser.

I think this file must be out of your renoise file.Because in future upgrades maybe you lost it.

Hey, drag & drop support for MIDI files into phrases makes a lot of sense!
Or just the ability to import MIDI into phrases without having to load them into the song first…

While we are at it, I would suggest

  • ‘Batch import’ -> drag and drop multiple MIDI files to an instrument at the same time
  • ‘Export to MIDI’ -> the opposite, creating a MIDI file from the selected phrase

I guess that, apart from the drag & drop aspect, both could be realized with scripting.
More specifically, it should be possible to tweak something like the MIDI Convert tool into targeting phrases too.