Midi Import/export - New Here But On Its Way U Think?

Hi all,

Only recently joined RENOISE but am curious. Looks like voting for feature requests are close at the moment but wondering as RENOISE is now at 1.9, how does it stand in future midi import/export. I will be using RENOISE for certain things but not for the whole project so there will be lots of times I will have to manually re-write notation in my other sequencer.

Has anyone discussed this midi implementation before? Would be the biggest thing RENOISE is missing for me. Midi2 is on the way (at least thats what I hear) but its seems such a fundamental requirement of modern sequencers. I hope its on its way in RENOISE soon.

MIDI Import:
you can already load MIDI files, exactly as you load XRNS files, id est: from the Disk Browser. Take also a look at Renoise configurations regarding MIDI Import (search for “MIDI Import options” in the linked page)

MIDI Export:
see here

WOW I didn’t know this. My mate told me it didn’t do this but cool

RENOISE goes up another division for me straight away


Can’t find “Midi import”

Reading “Export” now

Do you have a link or can you tell me where the


Man read the Export midi info but I’m la bit lost…

I downloaded the xrns-scripts-1.04.zip and extracted but left with lots of files I dunno what to do with.

Also downloaded xrns-sf-1.04.zip but no little program runs for me. I’m lost…


You can just load a midi just as you load a song. But instead of opening an XRNS you double click a midi file :). You can not import a midi straight into an already opened project though, as far as I know.

Thanks for that but I’m stuck on “Exporting midi” now.

I have reposted in “tips n tricks” Very confusing…

Extract xrns-sf-1.04.zip to a folder of your choice, after that extract xrns-scripts-1.04.zip and put the files into the scripts subfolder created by xrns-sf-1.04.zip. Run xrns-sf.exe and choose xrns2midi from the right top dropdown box, choose a file to convert and a target file in the now appearing gui, press the run script button. that’s it. :)

You can also download version 1.05 from the link below, extract it and in the folder you’ll find a batch file called get_cvs_dev_version_scripts.cmd, run it and it will download the current development versions of the scripts if you’re connected to the internet and put them into the right place.


Sorted! xrns-sf-1.04 wasn’t working for me

Done as u said and 1.05 works.

Cheers Beatslaughter! ;>

Just getting around to “IMPORTING” midi files now. Its easy enough using the disk operation way which is fine but I run RENOISE along side SONAR and often only want to add a 4 bar midi file into a an already constructed RNS file.

From what I see, opening any midi file at any time inside a project will start a new RNS file. So if your not complete at the very start your done for.

Have I got this right or is there a way of doing this?

Yeah …but there is a workaround …yyou can open 2 instances of renoise …just open a second instance of renoise …load the midi file …then copy/paste the data between the 2 renoise instances …

Aha good thinking batman! ;>

Importing MIDI, saving it to XRNS then using Xrns-Merge from the XRNS-PHP scripts (with the MIDI export-script that you use to export as well) to merge your MIDI and XRNS song together is another solution.

im working on a remix,that have some midi-files in it,and a nice feature would be if you could drag n drop a midifile into a track in the upper right corner

i tried having 2 instances of renoise open,and then i tried to copy-paste the midi-files from on instance to another,but couldnt get that to work

so a drag n drop feature for midifiles would be sweet