Xrns Search And Replace

this is a 0.01 version of a search and replace tool for XRNS files.

ever wanted to change every C-4 01 into a E-4 02 in your whole song?

Nice! In a future version, it would also be quite cool if one could just copy all mixer/instrument/fx settings from one (template) song into other songs…

version 0.02 now can replace a note+instrument couple with another couple in the whole song. get it at sourceforge (or through the Frontend)

thanks you ! input fields huh ?! :dribble:

Seriously dude, you really need to watch your CVS commits.

You put your update in “/xrns-php/xrns-php/xrns-php/scripts/scripts/”, way off, thus I deleted the files.

Please delete your sandbox to the garbage (or move to a temporary directory) and re-check out the modules. and use http://xrns-php.cvs.sourceforge.net/ to navigate the tree. In fact, at this point, I would advise you not be allowed to do check-ins anymore.

Your script is great! Keep up the good work, but you are seriously trashing the sanctity of the CVS.


sorry conner_bw, that copy was part of the well known mess.

the “good” one is already in the right place and has been just updated because it has some old stuff in the file comments.

I don’t think I’m going to fail again.

version 0.03 allows for ignoring muted tracks.

save your song after muting the tracks which you don’t want to change and they will be ignored.

Cool, just expressing some CVS woes.

Keep up the good work on the scripting.

I’ve updated your script for version 1.05 and also found and fixed a bug thanks to it. :)

where can i get this??or have i missed the link somewhere??

It’s included in the Script Frontend, see here: