Midi legato made easy - feature request

As far as I can see, the only way to achieve legato notes with midi/plugins right now is to have two lanes and manually do overlapping notes.

It would be much smoother if there was a legato command that could work with midi notes. I guess it would just delay the note-off of the current playing note note until the note-on of the subsequent note has been sent.

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Yeah, i made a suggestion about this 2019:

A simple note tie FX command would be enough to get the notes overlapped in one lane. Was quite easy to implement as midi plugin, but a native approach would be much better.

Thanks for sharing the link. That protoplug script looks like a decent workaround for now!! I do hope the developers consider implementing this though. I’ve implemented it in a hardware midi sequencer and it was not a lot of work.

Thanks once again for sharing this protoplug patch. It’s sooo handy

No problem. protoplug is quite powerful. Too bad Renoise doesn’t have this native.