Midi-Map Question: 1 Vst Slider - >1 Controllers?

Hopefully I can explain this with my engrish:

I want to divide one plugin slider in the track dsps tab into steps as it were, so I can place each ‘step’ (increment of the slider with a certain ratio) onto a different button on my midi controller. So each button on my Bcr triggers a different region of that particular parameter slider.

Maybe this thread belongs in the beginners forum as I’m not sure how to best set this up. :)

Enabling ‘allow mapping the same note/CC more than once’ doesn’t let me add more than one controller with different min-max values to the desired parameter in the midi map window, but maybe I’m misunderstanding this functionality or am doing something wrong?

I’ve thought about using different min-max settings in a hydra device outputting to the vst’s slider, but the hydra also only has one input slider to trigger my buttons too, no?

I bet this is something simple and a case of rtfm, but maybe someone can help here or know of a solution?

Stepping through a slider with the same midi controller button would also be nice to know, if possible at all right now?



If I want to divide a slider over 8 buttons, there has to be a less cluttered way than adding 8 hydra’s?

I think you have to do the programming within the BCR, not Renoise. Each button need to be set to the same CC value. Hopefully you can tell the BCR to always output a set value when pressed, rather than toggling or other operation. You may run into issues with the 7bits of MIDI if you want it to get a precise value on the destination slider though.

Hopefully somebody with a working BCR2000 can tell you how to set it up. I know there is some software for changing some of the more advanced option from a computer.

Just like kazakore said: either try setting up your BCR to do this (don’t know if thats possible though) or use multiple Hydras or XY Pads in Renoise. Theres no other way I can think of to do this…

Thanks for the info,

I have yet to fully dive into the machine, programming the bcr will probably also resolve my issues with solo’ing channels ( [Done] Issue With New Midi Mapping Functionality - [Toggle] Vs. [Set] ), but I am hesitant to change things afraid to break stuff. Will have to look into this eventually and been advised to check out ‘bc manager’ in another thread which looks good for these kind of things.