Midi Mapping: Toggle Effects On/off

The improved midi mapping in 2.5 is really great!

However, I can’t figure out how to toggle DSP effects. I have buttons on my USB midi controller, and want to use them to toggle effects on/off. Is this possible?

The toggle check-boxes aren’t highlighted when I press Ctrl-M, any specific reason why not?


toggle effects on/off via MIDI is only allowed for currently selected effect through

Global Mappings => Track DSPs => Selected FX Active [Toggle]

Thanks for answering.

So what I’m asking is not possible atm…?

Wouldn’t it be useful though to be able to map buttons to effect toggles?
Is there a particular technical reason why this isn’t implemented?
I for one would use it a lot when mixing / live situations / testing.

I just found it explained in this post. Thank you very much.