Midi Maps Storage

I would love to see this feature in Renoise in the near future. Ability to save MIDI maps and switching between them in the same project. It happens very often that I run out of knobs in my midi controller and would like to control something else in Renoise, not at the same time. Then recalling another midi map (for example mixing or effects control) would be handy.

Maybe related? Would love that too.


would be sweetaaa :dribble:

On which level would you load/save the mappings: per “DSP Effect” per “Tracks”, per “Song”?

How to deal with existing mappings & the resulting conflicts if you import them? If you for example merge mappings from Song1 into Song2 with a totally different track & DSP Effect layout. What should happen there?

There are two general ways on how to deal with MIDI mappings:

  • Mixer approach: Store them hardwired in the Song you are working with and allow to merge settings from one Song into another Song

  • Session/Template approach: Add generic templates for Effects, Tracks & so on and allow mapping those in realtime to any song/session. For example: Use your MIDI Controller XYZ on the fly to control a Track DSP by somehow “selecting” it (tell Renoise: I want to control Reverb2 of Track1 now with my Behringer)

I’d go for the session / template with a focus / selected element approach first and if the user decides to further customize some settings offer him to update the template or store it only for the current song. Each element could be maybe stored as small XML file in a folder, for which scanning might be an optional configuration, so people who prefer it the old way could simply uncheck the box.

a BIG +1 for the session approach :dribble: