Midi Note Autoseek

midi note autoseek. detect when note is already played and just sustain note

Sometimes when there’s a short-ish pattern with a bunch of events, and you want to add a pad on top of it, you’ll wind up with the same short-ish pattern with one midinote that plays a vst-pad. And it’ll repeat on and on and on, because that’s what it’s supposed to do. Could this be added to so that there’d be a midiautoseek v0.1, i.e., if this note is already playing, don’t pass it to the vst but instead just sustain the note.

How should the program know when to just sustain and when to send noteon? Can’t you just put your synth to portamento/legato mode?

No, I can’t, because this isn’t about midi out, which is a hairy deal to say the least. The VSTI surely can be directly instructed by Renoise to keep a midinote playing instead of retoggling it. I.e., if this note has been toggled (it would be an instrument setting, of course), don’t play this note anymore.
Sustain/noteon would be instrument settings-based.

But it sends a Note Off on pressing Stop. How can you instruct a VSTi to start a note mid-way through?

There’s definitely no way to do this. There’s no way to tell a VSTi to skip a note’s attack phase and jump directly to the sustain phase. So I think “MIDI Autoseek” is the wrong name for this feature.

Imagine the following situation, where instrument 02 is some VSTi pad:

2109 renoise-esaruoho-noteoff-idea.png

I believe esaruoho is saying that he’d like the 2nd C-4 note to not trigger a new note in the VSTi, but rather it would simply continue sustaining the same C-4 note that was triggered before it. However, when the D#4 note is reached, then the VSTi will be instructed to play this new note and stop the C-4 note.

Exactly! … or something like that. but yes, repetition of the note will sustain the previous note. I know sample-autoseek is impossible to do on vst-autoseek , the name autoseek is wrong but I couldn’t think of anything else.

Same thing would be for audio autoseek that when you have a 3 minute wavefile and trigger it (with continue_on_same_note=on) on row00 of a 32 row pattern playing at LPB4 - that the 3 minute wavefile will keep on playing instead of retriggering at every 00.

I still don’t get it, but maybe I’m just retarded. Wouldn’t be the first time.

I always handle these things within VSTi by setting it up for not to restart envelopes etc. at noteon. Then, if I want it to, I’ll put noteoff in front of noteon and there I go, envelopes and such are restarted. I understand not every VSTi supports this. Feature could have its points of use. So, if a note is playing at same column, noteon event would simply be skipped if value of the event is identical to previous?

What is the VSTi that is causing the butt-ache?

When the first row of a looping pattern has a c-5 note, that note shuld start on the first play of the first row of the looping pattern - and when the pattern loops, it shouldn’t send anything whatsoever to the VSTi - i.e., the original first note should keep playing until you tell it a note off, for instance.

We would really need freezing for this, because these kind of constructions are very hard to program in a good sophisticated manner.
As has been said, it is hard to predict in which cases one wants this option or not and then it depends on whether even the VST supports the option.

Yes I get it. And got it. As said.

There’s no need for freezing or anything but Renoise remembering what note at current play session has been triggered on what column and with which instrument, then if same note is already playing no note on is sent in case of identical note event. This all if the option is turned on in first place.

This would be superb.!!

check this here in logic; here from 17:52;