What Would You Like To See In A Renoise 3.0?

pretty sure this has been bought up before, but a meta instrument to control multiple instruments adjustable with keyboard splits and root notes… would be very useful, particularly for live work (although it could be inspiring for composing as well).


1.Midi routing
2.Audio routing

that’s it.

Wow new forums and the buzzchurch is down. Some serious changes in the buzz world has occured.

As for Renoise 3.0 I wish the instrument section will be complete and this will be fair enough for me. Another features may come further.

Hi everyone :)

As many people here, I’d like to see :

* Multiple monitor support

It could be like having multiple renoise ‘windows’ (one by screen) concurrently running on the same track.
Each ‘window’ would allow to display any of the pattern/mixer/sample editor/… views (with the same kbd shortcuts), so you could get the combination of views you want.
A new ‘view’ that would act as a ‘VST container’, that would contain all the opened VST plugins GUI windows.
Only the main ‘window’ should include the transport controls, global song settings, etc…

* (Horizontal?) Arranger View

For the rest, I’ll have a few suggestions :

* Native pattern commands & automation for changing sample loop points ( start & end )

* Native trance gate with built-in with envelope editor

Native PitchShifting Support :rolleyes:
Native Timestretch support with help from Elastique (Cubase,Ableton,Reaper Acid uses it…) :rolleyes:


Autoseek Option For Vst/Midi :rolleyes:

1: Native timestretch and pitch-shift
I can’t believe this isn’t native yet!

2: Track-individual swing/shuffle
Until then I’ll just have to kode each track


If I remember correctly that would be a very expensive feature.
Everybody should have FlicFlac on their computer at any time.

Can´t you just use the dealy column to get swing in separate tracks?

No. With proper swing/groove the delay offset isn’t fixed but changes over different beats (usually over a bar or maybe two.)

this, and separate LPB per track


any and all control additions (lua,etc) to the sample recorder and the line in device - even offering a combination of these at one go, would be welcome.

I remember when devs announced something like “minor engine oil tweaks / change” between 1.8/2.0 and 2.5 . FUCK, my computer did not change and cpu usage dropped by half. I could not play keith303 song and beatslaughter and tendas, now i can and it is as light and fast like something very lightweight and fast :P More tweaks like that!


Audiotracks is Bullshit. Renoise is a Tracker. If you want to go with audiotracks use the Rewire Option with your favourite DAW. (Maybe thats why Rewire-Option was implemented for, i dont know, you should ask Taktik)

Else it starts the same way, unlike other HDD-Streaming-Software (example.wav cannot be found…search / skip / replace)

A nice feature would be, e.g. a Publish-Button which renders all used VST’s automatically and replace them with ogg.samples ( Yeah, i know, this could be done by hand, but well…)

I like one package-file like the xrns, it works out of the box.

Maybe a weird question, and I thought it was answered before but, since Renoise isn’t a big company. If important people will die?
are there more individuals that can get to the Renoise source code? is this scenario arranged?

I don’t think its weird at all, we die, that’s the bottom line. What we leave behind is important. So… eat healthy, don’t do any super man exercises, wear a helmet, and watch out for the plague…

This is kindof a weird pair of suggestions. So basically you want freeze capability, but done with a lossy sample format just for the sake of not having audiotrack support…

lets say flac then. More easy to accomplish anyway then audiotracks. Its a tracker for gods sake.

I just find it funny, that 95% of the renoise songs posted on the song forum, are basically songs without any singing.

But ofc Its Renoise’s fault due to missing audiotracks,else those people would make Songs with touching lyrics ! :D