Midi-Pitchbend To Sample?

Hi. I’ve loaded a sample into Renoise. I’m playing it via my midikeyboard, and it’s really rather nice (and expressive, since it has velocity and the pc keyboard doesn’t). Then I reach for the pitchbend and note that nothing happens. Is there something I should configure to make this happen, or?

And many others.

You can load samples in to a VST sampler and then pitch bend them.

Come now kazakore, thats no solution at all…
You might as well tell me to install Windows in order to run Renoise PC version to get the features missing from OSX Renoise :)

I guess i could try and do some script-test which returns the sample pitch to zero after … hmm … after stop of script or sumpin but who knows.

Come now esaruoho, you can read people’s names properly can’t you?

this feature should be added. i think we’d all rather not be forced to use a plugin to be able to do this.
2.7 made the instruments a lot more powerful ‘inside’ so more control of them and the parameters with midi/automation would be great.

I’m sure the team is working on this for us though.