Midi Recording Always One Space Too Far In The Pattern

Hi all! :)

I love renoise, it’s really awsome. I’m buying it soon if I can figure out how to put money in my pay-pal account -_-…well this isn’t why i’m here anyway hehe

I just got me an electronic drum, teamed with vsti to record in renoise. I see it’s incredible possibility in renoise compared to other softwares I use. But I have a annoying problem, everything I record is always one step too far in the pattern. I cooooould make it by playing the drum too fast a little but I’m more on the heavy side of playing. So I guess I guess its because of latency from both midi and vst…I can barely ear the lattency when I play, it says I get 05 ms which is good considering I only got a Sb Live.

So I wanted to know, if I could either fix latancy, or just cut/paste all the track to one step earlier in the pattern.

Thx in advance! ^^

Yes you can fix the latency in the Midi instrument by sliding the delay-slider to a value below 0ms. (that is the default and it is centered). You can go back to -50ms.

Wow thx for the help guys…

yes in fact the delay of midi instrument doesn’t apply because…well you know hehe

Record note delay really helps I guess, I wonder if I can quantise later altough…but even then, the sound is always recorded slightly too late to fit perfectly with the rest of the song…

Would asio be faster?
Maybe its the soundcard limitation too…

Another way I could fix I guess is to find a way to set back the “D” number (d1,d2,d3, etc) from the record note delay, to lets say, all to d2…I don’t know if you get it…thx again, its already better :)

And what about slaving renoise to that out-device?
I’m truely sorry i cannot share any external synth challenge as i have no such equipment.
But it will be in a far future.

from my experience, effectively input MIDI data from a drumset into Renoise is almost impossible, because of two important limitations:

  • too few resolution: we all love the tick-based system, but it is just not sufficient for live drumming input
  • only one MIDI CC message per row, per track: new drumkits send at least one MIDI CC message per note so, if you input an hihat and a bassdrum on the same line, a mess occurs

Ah…thats sad to hear…now i hardly see the use of drum vst’s if i want to make songs in renoise. Same goes for making an Xi with the drum kit with .wavs assigned to the right notes from the midi controller.

But i think of it and the resolution must be enough cos of the record note delay and has for the multiple input that, i don’t have any problems…the drum sounds almost perfect, its just that everything is recorded one step too far…oh well, maybe someone out there knows a secret hehe

Also add to that: moving/resizing single or several notes a few ticks is currently a paiiiin.

I’m with you…

quantisize is solution for this but…hey, wait a sec, there is no such a thing as a quantisize in renoise!!!