midi sample trigger question

Hi all,

As a Renoise beginner, I am very excited with beta 7 and the expanded midi mapping features. There is however one thing I cannot figure out and which is undocumented due to the beta status of the build : how to map a sample trigger to a button of my midi controller via midi learn. I’ve looked in the midi map > Available & Active Mapping list and located all my samples, however when I expand them I have a bunch of macro sub-entries, and mapping a cc to the sample entry or the macros dosnt seem to do the trick. Maybe there’s something I havnt enabled in the sample settings itself. Mapping everything else (fader controls etc) works.

I know it’s doable, I did it yesterday somehow but I have absolutely no idea how. Thats how a lot of beta tracking works.

Suggestions welcome :)

I think I can see where you’re coming from, but ‘MIDI learn’ will not enable you to trigger samples, and Renoise needs MIDI notes, not CC messages, to play a sample. This is the same reason why a pad/MPC-style controller will always output MIDI notes per default.

However, if your controller is supported the Duplex Keyboard might be interesting for you (with this tool you can also use CC messages to trigger samples).

Thanks for the info!

I can’t believe this simple feature isn’t natively supported though. Is it complicated to implement? I can imagine it being very useful when playing a live set…

Cc’s can be used to toggle the on off status of dsp’s, therefor if the playback mode of the sample was set to oneshot, I don’t see why it would be a problem?

Done on purpose so people can also easily embed their device into the setup if there currently is no template for it. This kind of flexibility is no thing that can be implemented natively without getting weekly requests for new device additions or control features that a native routine currently would not support.(it would be a too big monster to maintain)

Hi all and Vv old pal :slight_smile:
9 years on, and its still not natively possible to map a midi cc as a trigger on keyboard note?
Or has something been updated?

Cheers and keep Renoising!