Midi Vsts

Have another one question… I want to try some plugins like Chordspace or another that takes audio from another channels… i don’t understand how to make it in renoise :wacko: Can someone tell me in detail?

and second: is it possible to load dst chains to channel without substitution of previous chain ? example: i have channel with chain: EQ->Comp->Delay and after i load a new chain from browser my old chain is erased… How to avoid this ( if it possible ) ?

Let’s learn the forum search function. :)

  • Right click the fx-chain in the Disk Browser
  • select “Load Files with Options”
  • uncheck “Replace Existing Chain”

Preferences >> Im/Export >> Device Chain Import

sato big thanks.

upd: Sato, but is there any way to make automation in renoise for plugins loaded in Energy XT ( or in Wusik )? Automation Device cannot see them… I suppose that automation for audio plugins can make only in that VST (energy or Wusik)… :( It’s a bit pity (

upd2: and is it any ways to link renoise’s “Instrument” (sample-based) to a midi VST ? i just cannot imagine that O_o