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Episode 12, speaking to Jon Astley who’s produced, mastered and remastered artists like The Who, Abba, George Harrison, Catatonia, Ash, The Rolling Stones and many more. His production was so good he had a solo career in the mid 90s. Jon now offers a fantastic mastering at incredible rates for unsigned bands and artists.

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Very interesting Conversation :walkman:

Also a podcast with Pioneer Trevor Horn would be nice

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Next episode speaking to Songwriter, Producer and all round top-bloke Jonny Amos. Discussing songwriting workshops, perfect pop and the EDM legacy left by Avicii.

Thanks for listening!


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Next episode speaking to Programmer, Producer and all round top-blogger Eduard Müller aka “TakTik”. Discussing coding & debugging, perfect EDM Tracking & legacy left by Renoise?

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Well as the things have cleared up today. This interview idea (which most likely wont happen) would stream directly onto my golden hdd and be listened to over and over again to learn from.

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I’d be up for it !

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Heres episode 14 speaking to Dom Morley, a Grammy award winning Producer, Mix Engineer and Sound Engineer who’s worked with Amy Winehouse, Mark Ronson, Sting and a whole host of other names. We speak about his career progression and serendipitous moments from making tea for free to working in Metropolis in London sitting with Michael Jackson.