Minihost Awesome FL Freebie in Beta

Not trying to sound spammy, but really, Pinao roll made by IL, so tops there, plus modular VST audio and MIDI routing (maybe only one channel, not sure yet) and is working well (in a betaish way) inside Renoise and is free? Maybe I’m confused and still feeling a bit wtf but seems to be permanent freebie vst but have to sign up for their forums to get the beta, look for ‘Minihost Modular’. Looking very awesome so far!

[swear piano roll misspell was an accident]

wow, their forum is a total clusterfuck.

Yup, in this KVR thread it’s confirmed to be free, even beyond beta.

That’s very cool, then. Going to look at this much harder over the weekend, but maybe will solve some Renoise stuff for me. Kind of odd twist, if an fl ‘redux’ ends up keeping me in renoise more. Liked it, so far.

that’s pretty neat - working in win7 x86

Now all the devs have to do is give us internal midi routing and they won’t have to hear about stupid piano rolls ever again!

This is just one of the many reasons that I have decided to leave Renoise and move to FL Studio.
I tried the demo over a month ago and bought the Signature edition in the Christmas special offer, dirt cheap for all the amazing stuff you get with it. The workflow is SO much easier than in Renoise. I can so easily double or triple up VSTs using the Layer method (, I can use Blue Arp so easily, I can give each Pattern Clip a name, I can SEE what notes are in each pattern clip (depending on the level of zoom I use, so I can easily shrink things down in the playlist if I have lots of tracks, or lots of pattern clips), I can use the keyboard shortcuts to really quickly select which pattern clip I want to paste in, the piano roll (I haven’t used a piano roll for over ten years probably) is incredible - everything is so easy to do, copying notes, moving blocks of notes left and right by step, moving notes up and down by note, or by octave, all easy to do by keyboard shortcuts:

Within ten minutes of using FL Studio for the first time, I had written a short song, just as good as the sort of thing I’d produce in ten minutes on Renoise. After about five hours of use, maybe ten, I produced this, my best song yet:

Good luck with the pattern matrix, I’m free of it all now. I’ve never had so much fun writing music as I do in FL Studio. Sorry, but it wipes the floor with Renoise.

Wow this is soo cool :)/> It’s Buzz inside any OSX daw, but also for midi manipulation! Ingenious. If this host works stable I would also buy it. Sure it will be free??

This modular concept is so much more powerful than the oldschool mixer approach!

EDIT: Oh lord, no OSX version!! Why the hell a developer should first publish a Windows version? Something strange going on there…

We’re glad you found something that works for you. Best of luck with your music in the future.

FL Studio has a terrible mixer and pdc, has no API for custom tools, and won’t even display parameter values until you’ve actually moved a knob or fader. It also has several annoying bugs that the devs just refuse to fix :lol:/>/>

32Bit / 64Bit versions:
Minihost Modular 32 Bit loads 32 Bit plugins while Minihost Modular 64 Bit loads 64 Bit plugins. There currently is no 32 to 64 Bit bridging possible inside Minihost Modular. You can, of course, load either the 32 or 64 bit VST version in hosts that support both bit-depths such as FL Studio and even run both Stand-alone versions simultaneously.

thats pretty cool, seems that they made it for renoise :lol:/>

yea dblue and the future will proof the renoise team…old software gets even older over time - and “yo dawg” doesnt help here :wink:

You can achieve the same (until now) with the Dresden motherfuckers meta plug-in… ;) as you could have before…

didnt know they have a piano roll ;)

You seem to be responding to me sarcastically, but I was actually being sincere towards XG2003. I’m genuinely happy that he’s found a comfortable workflow to express himself musically, even if that workflow does not involve Renoise.

OK… y’all don’t have to be all Y00 about it. Renoise and FL can both be awesome at the same time. :D

Thankyou Dblue, I appreciate it, good luck to those of you who enjoy using Renoise, I just found something more suited to me.

GL XG. Maybe you’ll get some use out of Redux?

Anywho this seems cool, I’ll check it out, though I’ve sorta migrated away from plugins since I first started Renoising. For those that have used both, how does this compare to bidule?

FL Studio version 12+ is supposed to slowly get rid of the old ugly grey UI and change a lot of workflow and other things around, mostly making a new-yet-familiar DAW. IL mentioned about it being directed towards touchscreen interface instead of mouse (for Windows 8 notebooks and tablets). I’m really curious to see what happens, since I do have an active FL license and a windows tablet. FL Studio Groove is pretty fun and I feel like once they allow users to import samples it will become my favorite tool for rhythm-based music. If FL Studio 12 is a high-powered version of that, I’m excited for it.

As far as the ‘modular’ part, much more comparable to Machine View in Buzz.

I can’t believe in the eleven years (at least) you’ve been making music you apparently never tried a sequencer… :blink:/>