Minimize Tracks

say you got 3 kick-tracks, layered kicks as they’re commonly called. say you do the (probably) obvious and route all 3 of them to a sendtrack, and do global dsp’ing from there. say you are currently happy with your kickdrum pattern and are mainly concerned with the way the kicks sound, so you turn to the S01 track. but with a lot of tracks, as you know, things can get messy, you lose overview of your track. wouldn’t it be nice to be able to minimize a track (particularly in mixer view but also in pattern view) so it only takes up, say, a 4th of the space it would when maximized? just the db meter and no further controls except maximize button.

Check this thread out: Track Grouping

thanks, i did a forum search on ‘minimize’ but did not find this. that’s the problem with different words for the same thing… i’ll reply to that thread, and also link it back here so the two get connected. some great ideas in that thread, hope some of it will get implemented eventually.