Basic Suggestions To Improve Pattern Editor

I’ve read various posts about GUI changes, and some pretty advanced suggestions, which while great don’t obviate some simple things that as a new user I have expected to be able to do.

I like the advanced editor, but it would be great if we could do that stuff without it.

  1. No hot key for Mix-paste makes serves up cold dish of disappointment for copy-pasta aficionados (as is discussed here)
  2. The content mask is great, but this should be possible to do using only the mouse (i.e. I should be able to select only the volume out of a column, instead of only selecting the entire column).

Edit step is great, but it’d be great if we could step horizontally.

  1. Perhaps while edit step is set to 0, it would step horizontally instead? This is similar to mpt/openmpt behavior.

  2. Delete by selection. I’m surprised I’m the only one to mention this (here). Basically, I’d like to be able to select a group of notes, or a column, and delete it. I’m surprised I can’t map a hotkey to this (I expected delete or backspace to handle it), and it’s absent from the right click menu. You can get around this by copy & clearing, but this sort of behavior is so ingrained in me from using various applications I am still confounded why this is absent. I can’t foresee of any complications from adding this.

More of a pet-peeve than anything, (as I use my mouse heavily when tracking, performing operations on pattern data, moving stuff around, copy/pasting, etc):

  1. Increase vertical scroll speed when drag-selecting (or option to tweak it). When drag selecting using the mouse, renoise scrolls painfully slow vertically, and at a set speed. Dragging faster doesn’t cause it to scroll faster like one would expect.

All in all the sum of my frustrations from working with renoise in the last couple of weeks. With all the great new additions made to renoise since I registered almost a year ago (an AMAZING number of additions, really incredible job to the devs), especially the improvements going into 2.x, I’ve had to give it a second shot despite being put off initially. I’ve been using it heavily, and I wanted to share what has (and still does) frustrate me about it the most.

So despite my complaints, brilliant product, and thanks for all the hard work! Renoise has won a place squarely in the middle of my arsenal of tools. ;D

:o please don’t
this would ruin my workflow.

use tab to step horizontally!

Tab steps to the next column or track (and skips fx columns completely), I’d like it to automatically move to the next place over when I’m inputting note, instrument, volume, delay, panning or fx manually (which is almost always the case). I want to be able to enter this in without using arrow keys to move over to the next place. Perhaps adding the option to step horizontally when edit step is at 0? I don’t want change your workflow, I just want to make mine more efficient.