Mixer + Pattern together

I often mute/solo/select tracks via scopes, with the new gui it would be awesome if you could use mixer above regular pattern edit, it’s not good that you can be either in edit mode or mixer mode, it’s confusing too , because this option is in space where I would expect to choose what I can see in the 1/3 of gui,
you can only see scopes or spectrum, which i don’t find very usefull, scopes i would definitely miss if it was not there, but instead of kinda useless spectrum, it would be amazing to have mixer in this window, now when you can adjust height of it too, you could either only have gains or the full mixer with plugins there and finally i would actually start using mixer… i seriously don’t think that mixer should be in the middle (2/3) of gui anymore, now when you can drag top screen to half of the screen you can have full mixer in the top window the other advantage would be quick selection of plugin in dsp chain and quick edit of it in 3/3 of gui this way you can do majority of quick edit in the main window, i would have this setup as my primary window, while other windows i would use for fine tuning


  • by holding ctrl(or shift or alt) +moving mouse on a scope you could adjust gain of a mixer for selected channel in scope i miss this mainly because adjusting sample/instrument gain is not so quick as it was before with instrument in 3/3 of gui
    when it comes to scopes, i would like to be able to hide/show tracks from scope menu, for example i would like to see groups without it’s subtracks , i can have several tracks for drums grouped to one and i dont need to see them all the time, often i click on a track when i mean to select group and it’s a bit annoying

samples under instruments

  • as it was in fasttracker/renoise before, i think it’s not a bad idea to have disk browser where it is right now, but i would like to see samples in this space too, as with scopes/spectrum you could easily choose wheter you want samples there or diskbrowser, also new diskbrowser is missing file details now, you can’t sort files by date or name anymore and this is annoying. new setup is allowing more favourite folders now, why not have at least 8 favourites instead of 4 ?

little brainstorming

for some time send tracks and master track are little odd gui wise,
now when you can resize scope space, why not add 3rd row of tracks dedicated only to sends and master ? either on top or bottom of scopes, this would also go well with option of hiding scopes… you could possibly hide send/master tracks from scopes if you would not use them, or have them open in it’s dedicated row, or possibly have send/master tracks as an option as spectrum view

it could possibly look like this : show: “normal view” (as it is now), group view (showing only groups or tracks that are not grouped), showing sends (only showing send tracks and master)

for those who find it all tl;dr -

let’s have mixer in trackscope window, thus quickly mix the track while actually writing track, and quickly accessing and editing plugins/effects in dsp chain

you’d make one happy b-complex with this


  • actually why not have diskbrowser switchable with arranger/pattern sequence matrix, and have samples under the instruments as it used to be and where it is much more intuitive than now ? i think that for a newcommer to understand why you change instrument in top right window and edit samples in instrument view on the other end of monitor is quite confusing

  • also , loose the “other” option in diskbrowser, it’s awkward, find a solution to have dsp chains there or whatever you can save and load here

le bump

I really like the idea of scope gains +1

Making the scopes do more sounds interesting.
Would also be nice if you could drag the scopes to reorder tracks.