Mod Edited My Bug Report Thread Title

I posted a bug report or request for help in the support/help/bug forum.

Anyway some mod edited the thread title to say (Stuck Arrow Key) … is that supposed to be funny ? He covered his tracks by deleting the thread after I had to create another one.

How common is this behaviour ? … What a fucking dick. Questioning why I bother paying for Renoise if this is the service I can expect.

This mod was me. I added “(Stuck Arrow Key)” because I thought that makes things a bit more clear. Stuck arrow key does not mean its you sitting on it or something. This was not funny. No reason to call anyone a dick for that.

Editing the thread title to say (stuck arrow key) makes it seem like a stuck arrow key is the problem. Which it isn’t.

Don’t edit my support requests in the future, certainly not without commenting in the thread itself to explain yourself.

We’re editing tread titles in the Help, Bug Report Forum in order to keep an overview about the reports. This also helps you to get your issues solved, doesn’t it? If that comment in the title was misleading, a note to an admin, a gentle post could have cleared this.

After offending people here, do you really expect that anyone helps you? You don’t have bought the permission to flame around…

“Track Focus Moving Automatically…” is explanatory enough. You don’t make the case any clearer by adding (Stuck Arrow Key) when it is patently NOT a stuck arrow key. Anyone reading that thread title would be inclined to think “oh, it’s a stuck arrow key…no need to investigate”. You also shouldn’t make edits without making a note of the edit.

As a paying licensee I find your tampering with my thread to be offensive, especially when it’s done in the fashion you did it.

And who did I offend ? Only the asshole who made the edit - you. And if someone is going to ignore a bug report because I think you’re an asshole then all the more reason to be dismayed with the service provided. If indeed you are a bona fide Renoise representative and not just some user who lives on the forum with mod privileges. So kindly stay clear of my bug reports in the future. OR AT LEAST MAKE A NOTE OF YOUR TAMPERING IF YOU DO SO.


We understand that you’re upset by the edit that was done. We get it. But you need to relax a bit and stop overreacting! There is no need to immediately start calling people ‘fucking dick’ or ‘asshole’ over something this small, when it could have easily been resolved in a much more calm and peaceful manner.

Take a deep breath and try to calm down.

Well you can attempt to tell me the edit was made in innocense till the cows come home. So the developer edits my bug report to say (Stuck Arrow Key) without saying a single thing in the report itself ?
Bullshit. If that’s what he thinks is the cause of my issue (and it’s not) he should say so, and not simply edit my report silently to suggest it.

Smartarse shenanigans.


Editing posts, moving posts, this happens all the time. You aren’t the first, you won’t be the last.

I’ve worked for other software companies, people pay mllions of in dollars for licenses and support.

I dunno what you think 59 Euro affords you but it isn’t being a shithead.

Go fuck yourself.

Taktik obviously didn’t mean any harm by it! You can’t possibly be suggesting that the edit was done to spite you? Why on earth would he even want to do such a thing?

He was just trying to categorise the issue based on its overall behaviour, to make it easier for the developers (ie. himself and others) to keep track of things later. You even said it yourself: The focus was moving automatically “as if I was holding down the right arrow key”. So checking the code for issues related to stuck keys (whether physically stuck, or stuck in software somehow) is probably going be the first place he looks for bugs.

This whole thing has just been a simple misunderstanding. You really did not need to lose your mind over this.

Right back at you.

I also made sure to explain that it was NOT a stuck arrow key. So imagine my dismay to find my bug report edited to say (Stuck Arrow Key) with no other commentary or suggestions offered. Anyway, the issue is resolved now thanks to your very helpful advice dblue. Thanks.


Taktik is Renoise. He’s pretty much the single guy behind the whole program. Diss him, no one will be impressed.

He’s also German.

He edits posts so that he understand them, so he can sort through them and fix things, for you. The wording is not relevant here, as he’s rewording it for himself and his list of TODOs.

Again, relax.

The issue is resolved.

this thread is hilarious :D
take a chill pill brother… taktik (as we’ve mentioned, the creator of the software you’re moaning about) is just trying to help out.
i wouldn’t expect any help in the future.

infact i’m actually hoping this is a complete joke :D

Some clarifications:
Wasn’t moaning about the software, just the smartarsey editing of my bug report thread title. if I’m to believe it wasn’t a smartarse edit than it was certainly a negligent edit for a dev to make imvho.

taktik didn’t actually help me in any way, so if he didn’t help me in the future that would [a] be no different than the current experience and [b] be a sad reflection on him as a developer that he would ignore bugs/stability issues because he doesn’t like the person making the report

The issue is actually resolved, thanks to [a] a thread I re-created with my intended subject [b] a fellow user offering the correct solution after seeing my thread

happy face.

i guess so. well i’m glad it’s clarified, i just think it was a bit full on of you.
you misunderstood taktik because you thought he was implying you were too dumb to realise the arrow key was stuck or fudged or something. but he didn’t meant that at all.

he’s the one that’s making your software so he changed it so he understood it for himself. maybe there was a better way to edit the title, who knows. maybe it’s cause english isn’t his first language or something. who knows. it’s all miscommunication. no need to get harpy about it.

clearly there was nothing wrong in the end though, only a misunderstanding.

rock out.

Good time to lock it up.
Discussion over.

Just wondering… Was your arrow key stuck then?

Puzzled Face

Not sure why this thread has been unlocked again, but here you go: Track Focus Moving Automatically...